Mac python question

Okej I have looked like crazy finding how to do this for mac. On my old laptop the python map was just somewhere in program files. But for mac it isnt somehow. Anyone knows how to put new scripts in it??

Th python directory is inside the Blender application, hidden. You can copy the scripts with the terminal or show the hidden files with other programms like Onyx.
A better solution is to create a new directory outside Blender, and copy all of your scripts in it. Then, in the preferences of Blender, choose this directory for the Python scripts.

Really? My python path (default) is


Try looking there.
The best thing to do, would be search for whatever script you need in Finder.

In the Finder -> Go menu -> Go To Folder… (or press APPLE + SHIFT + G)
and type:

This takes you to the Blender scripts folder.
As you can see, in the path above you find a .blender folder (name starting with a dot, that means it’s invisible). The scripts folder is contained inside this invisible one. To reach the scripts folder easily in the future you may create an alias to the scripts folder (go up one level and drag the scripts folder to your Desktop while pressing OPTION + CTRL