Mac question

I am going to buy a Mac G5 computer and i will also use blender on that machine.
When i make a game (real time) exe , is that game then an Apple game or what.
I made an exe file with a windows computer and that one didn’t work on an apple.

Like to hear from one of you.


You need to generate the executable file on the target platform. So, you open your Blend in Linux and generate a Linux binary, open on Mac OS X and make a Mac executable and so on…

OK, but can i open a .blend file on all platforms ?



On the G5 you are going to want to create a .app instead of an exe.

One note of interest is that you will be able to open up a .app like a directory in Blender but not an exe. So on any .app you create and post on the net people will be able to hack into it and steal resources! :o

Unfortunately, exes can be open too.
I wish there were some content protection option in Blender.

They can? I’ve never been able to. :-? Hmm… maybe that’s a good thing.

On OSX you can open almost every application like a directory, its not a bug its a feature. And of course you can rip content from a windows exe with a ressource editor too and anyway, lifting content is still illegal when not explicite allowed. We had that topic here before. Dont break your mind on copy protection bullshit, those who want to crack it will do anyway. Focus your ressources on creating good games instead!


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