Mac (snow leopard) How to change Icons??

I just got a Mac, and have not been able to bring in the custom icons that i was able to use on my PC :mad: ((running 2.49b - Intel))

I have read numerous posts about this. Here are a couple of the MANY variations i tried…

  • I downloaded TinkerTool so that i could see the .blender file within I put a folder named “icons” containing the .png inside that.

  • The tool also allowed me to create a folder named “.blender” within the root application folder, and put the icons folder with png in there as well.

btw: Without this tool it is not possible to create a folder whose name begins with a “.”. Dunno if that’s something new with Snow Leopard or what.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I started out using these icons (the 2.5 ones), and not used to the default ones. And the default ones don’t go with my theme either :frowning: