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I am a mac user using mac 0s10.3.5. I am extremely new to blender and have had huge frustration attempting to make it work. Part of the problem is that there are mac specific issues that are not being addressed. I suggest that a section in the questions/answers section devoted to mac specific isssues would be of great use to mac users as we wouldn’t have to have our questions unanswered.

Are there other mac users out there who feel the same? Perhaps it would be helpful for us to make ourselves known (at least to each other) so we can share our knowledge and solve mac specific issues.

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my first question for mac users is posted lower on this page. It concerns where to put python scripts.

I’m also a Mac user. I think it’s a fairly good idea because I’ve had some Mac specific issues also, but then elYsiun would need to address all Linux users also. I just don’t see a whole forum being devoted to specific platforms for an open source project. Maybe if someone has some web space, they can host something and elYsiun can provide a link?

I’d say: not a good idea

there aren’t very many mac users of blender, and there isn’t a major need for it [because it would have to be primarily a support forum, which elysiun already has]

it would have to be primarily a support forum, because blender isn’t completely different on the mac

there doesn’t need to be a wip or finnished prjects forum for the mac. there isn’t enough blender mac news or offtopic chat to necesitate a new one of those threads. blender general is already a good place for questions about blender [and you get better help if you menion that it could be because you are on a mac in your subect], python and plugins aren’t all that different on the mac [you just need to find builds for them], the game engine exists on the mac too [and much better now as well], and other software barely gets 4 post a day, there is no need for a mac other software forum.

this applies to other platforms as well, linux, bsd, and irix and whatnot.

I’m a mac user and I don’t have any problems that are mac specific or any problems at all really. The developers have done an incredible job of making the functionality in all the Blender versions the same. I rarely have trouble opening .blend files made on other platforms and I have no trouble with anything to do with Blender itself.

So, to reiterate what has been said, there is no need for a mac specific bit or other platform because Blender General will sort the problem. I don’t think anyone at Elysiun criticises or shuns people based on the operating system they use. I’ve seen that on other forums.

Just post your questions in here. Perhaps for extra clarity, you may want to use subject lines like “(OS X) Need help getting BLAH to work”.

I’m an OS X user and I try to answer any question that I can, I’m sure there are many more of us here too. I don’t know what Mac specific issues are not being addressed, but post away and we’ll try to help. It’s best to avoid communicating via email, it’s ‘selfish’ in a way, that the information isn’t there for others to browse in this forum too if they are in need of help.


thank you everyone for your replies. I understand your points. I think what I have been experiencing is the difficulty and frustration I feel about spending so much mind numbing time trying to figure out things like how to get python scripts to work, how to make uv unwrap work, how to get an image out of blender into photoshop, how to process the mind numbing tech that is involved in understanding these issues. I still haven’t figured out these problems but in no way are my remarks meant as putdowns or criticisms of this community or feelings of being discriminated against.

This program is providing a door into 3-d experimentation without having to get caught up in the commercial package process and I am grateful for that. It allows people who want to discover if 3-d creativity is for them without spending a fortune to do so that opportunity.


Hang in there, mate, the results are worth it! Blender is still a relative newcomer to the Mac platform, so some things (like the Python Scripts installation) aren’t done in such a Mac-like way. I suppose these issues, how to accomodate different OSes nicely while still keeping cross-platform will be sorted out eventually though experience and feedback.

Mate, I like the idea of a mac user forum linked from this site. I have webspace that I would be only too glad to begin a forum for this. Sure, the Mac/Blender community may be small, but I find the Mac version I use at work KICKS ASS over the Wintel version. Predominant tool: export in quicktime formats, esp animation codec w/millions of colors +

Give til the week out. My website is not geared towards 3d, but this may give me the final push I need to make it so.

Ok, so its just a bravenet thing, but go here:
To discuss Mac related Blender issues.

Let’s get it started!