Mac support

Well, I’ve got a MBP 2.4ghz laptop. Its worked well but has always had this issue where when you shut the dam thing off, go somewhere and power it back on - you literally need to disconnect the battery to get it to function again and boot. This happens anywhere from 5% of the time up to about 50% of the time - depending on factors such as if peripherals were attached and the lang of time between the startup and shutdown.

I had it at a shop for a week and a half and they basically said Apple told them its a bug in 10.5. They might be right, but just to be dam sure I’m installing 10.4 - updating and using that for a while to see if that changes anything.

On-top of all of that… I had the shop upgrade my HD before I took it home - and it turns out they messed up putting it back together because the latch will no longer lock the display like it use to.

Arg I’m just getting frustrated here.