Mac System Requirements - Blender 2.40

I downloaded 2.40 for my iBook G3. I’m running OS 10.4.4, the latest update, I have 640 MB of RAM, and 32 MB of VRAM, and yet when I double-click on the icon, Blender won’t open, won’t give me an error message, won’t anything. I get the quick zoom in animation of the icon, like the program was opening, but the icon only bounces once in the Dock, and that’s it.

The system requirements on the website only list that you need OS 10.2, 10.3, or 10.4 to run it. Do you also need a G4 or higher? If not, what’s going on?

Thanks in advance for the answer.

what version of python do you have installed? Do you have the matching version of the blender dmg? Open the Console (Applications >> Utilities) to see what the output is.

Is this what you mean?

Host Name: denes-houses-ibook
Date/Time: 2006-01-17 16:05:30.083 -0500
OS Version: 10.4.4 (Build 8G32)
Report Version: 3

Command: blender
Path: /Users/deneshouse/Desktop/blender-2.40-OSX-10.3±py2.3-powerpc/
Parent: WindowServer [56]

Version: 2.40 (2.40, 2005-Dec-21, Blender Foundation)

PID: 204
Thread: Unknown

Link (dyld) error:

incompatible cpu-subtype

I could not get the Python 2.4 version to work on my Mac. The Python 2.3 version works fine.

What video card do you have ? You might want to have a look for video card issues here

or try

I’m not a mac pro, so someone please clarify…is the G3 a powerPC?

Neither one will open for me.

I have an ATI Rage M7

according to this page its is

according to your console output, something doesn’t seem compatible with the G3 that you have…have you tried getting blender through fink? or compiling from source (Don’t ask me how, I’ve never done either).

the 10.2 build should run fine for your machine.

if not i can compile a special version for you, PM me then