MAC user needs recommandation for 3D blender

Hello, I am a new 3D blender user, and I am planning ti buy a MAC to use it. I was thinking of buying a i MAC G5 2.1 ghz, RAM 1gig, video card ATI Radeon X600 XT 138mb. I read on other forums that ATI cards were problematic with 3D blender, but I think most comments were from PC user. Is there a MAC user that has some experience with MAC+3D blender who could recommand me??

Thanks a lot!

Phil :o

phil79 - You might as well get an intel iMac…I’m not sure about the ATI issue with macs as my Rev-A iMac has the Nvidia FX ultra 5200 64 MB ram or whatever it’s called. I know Blender on the intel mac will probably need to run through Rosetta until someone compiles a new version (either universal binary or strictly for intel), so performance won’t be top notch. Since all macs are going to be intel by the end of 2006 - spend the same money on the intel (2-3 times faster than the 2.1 g5 anyway.)

Macs have no trouble with ATI cards. ironically, they actually had a major problem with NVidia cards recently. Generally, neither type has problems. The main reason for PC issues is the state of drivers. OpenGL ones in particular. It’s because Microsoft prefer DirectX, which isn’t on Mac or Linux.

Also, are you sure you want to buy an imac G5 when you can get a dual-core Intel imac for around the same price? The imac G5s had heating issues but the Intels draw far less power and naturally being dual core they are about twice as fast.

Don’t worry about getting a Blender build because people can build Blender for Intel on PPC machines.

Thanks for your quick answer!
I also thought of the iMAC intel, but I heard it sadly do not run Final Cut, which is the tool I mostly use (i work in video). Maybe I’ll try to see if I could get an Nvidia card instead of the ATI.
Thanks for your recommendations!

osxrules: I didn’t know G5 had heating problems…thanks for the info. I am a bit scared of facing compatibility issues with intell and software I use (like final cut). I know ideally I should go with a power MAC, but the price difference is wide with the iMAC.

All of the pro apps (like FC pro, Shake, Motion, etc) will be universal binary and Intel ready in March if you can wait a couple more months.