Mac user questions

Any Mac users here? I’m having trouble with de-selecting partial objects. I don’t have a 3-button mouse. Do I need to purchase that? I’ve already gone into the user prefs and checked off the “emulate 3 button mouse” feature, but I still can’t “middle-click”, unless there’s something else that I’m doing incorrectly. Any insight?

It’s at frames 8:40-9:00 where I’m having the problem.

Press B to box select then hold down Alt when you drag out the selection box
Think of LMB+Alt as MMB

I use Blender on both a MAC and a PC. Buy a three button mouse and save yourself some time and trouble.

Thanks guys for your help. I may just buy that 3 button mouse. Haven’t opened Blender for a while, I know that this is going to be a slow walk, lol. Any idea of how to delete the duplicate toolbox when splitting the windows? I’ve tried all options. I think I need to work on my “aptitude”, lol.


Any idea of how to delete the duplicate toolbox when splitting the windows?
T toggles open/close the toolbox panel or from the window View menu

i work with blender without mouse at all and all works fine … but a graphics tablet (but everything works with trackpad or one button mouse too) … what is important on mac is to make the check “emulate 3 mouse button” able when you dont have a 3 button mouse, then the mouse buttons are on left click (with mouse, trackpad or graphic pen), the right button is with with alt-click, and the middle with ctrl-click… if you have a graphic tablet, you can put the three clicks on the different actions of the pen or tablet, whatever you like best, that’s what i did (so i have both options available)… one thing you always need to change is the shortcut for selecting by lasso. the preset does not work when you dont have a 3 button mouse.i have put it on ctrl click when in edit mode. … i dont work with mouse, only with grahic tablet, and once you have set up blender correctly, you dont need one. on mac is all fine with just trackpad, or graphic tablet, or one button mouse…

Interesting Doris, I am on a MAC and I use a graphic tablet all the time with Photoshop, I could not live without it. But when it comes to Blender the graphic table physically works great, but the workflow for me doesn’t. Of course I have the el-cheapo wacom bamboo and it does not support additional buttons on the tablet which could be a hindrance…

Love the avatar by the way

yes, i have the bamboo too, and can’t live without it, i meant that i put the clicks (right and middle) on the button of the pen. (left click is the click with tip of pen), this is done in the system panel of the bamboo tablet… the button of the pen can simulate two things you can choose in the system panel. and then bamboo works very nice with blender… if you need more info, please tell me