Mac user -- Where's the python script window ?

Hello :wink:

I briefly talked about this subject in the newbies thread but I suppose that this is a better place for such questions!

On Mac, the Python console doesn’t appear when you start up Blender. It’s not a problem when you’re modeling or texturing but for founding your own error for the BGE… :frowning:
After searching, I’ve red that it’s suggested to work directly on the Python IDLE. Ok. But then, code like :

import Blender

doesn’t work!
Just in case, there is no file named “” on the computer

The question now is how to detect eventual errors ?
Or how make the python script window appear ?

Thanks in advance.

Import Blender
For a blender game, you should never use “Import Blender”.
Also, there is no such thing as a “Import Blender” is part of blender itself.

To open blender with a console window on macOSX: right click your blender application, click show package contents, then run contents/macOS/blender . It will open with the console window, and python errors and printouts will appear in that window. If you want to put it on your doc, it has to be on the right hand side with trash bin.


@C-106: Sorry that was the first one I got in mind, was an exemple!
Thanks Gomer, it works :slight_smile: