Mac vs Windows

Does anyone have information or opinions on the Mac version of Blender. I typically find that products for both lack something in the Mac version unless originally made for Mac.


the windows version supports windows codecs [and quicktime]

the mac version only supports quicktime

I don’t belive there are any other differences.

The mac version displays in-progress renders correctly. I mean, on Linux and Windows, if you alt-tab to a full screen app, then alt-tab back to the render window a little later, the complete progress isn’t displayed correctly. On macs, you can always see the progress clearly, even during Expose.

It’s not really useful at all (especially now that we all have that Preview render thing) but it is a difference.

Also, one thing that I like about blending on Linux is the flexibility of the window managers. I like setting Blender to run in full-screen, with no border, window decorations, or taskbars, so my screen is 100% Blender.

Oh, also the mac version displays the filesystem “The Unix Way” which is a little confusing to non-nerds. Meaning, to open/save a file on the desktop, you’d have to dig through /Volumes or all sorts of folders the casual mac-user has never seen before.

And the mac version dumps all its text output into Console, while the Windows version pops up its own window. I can’t say which method is better. The Linux version gives you the choice… now that’s the best option.

Who cares.

We all know that Macs are better anyway!
Go the Mac!

Blender has been mainly developped on unix systems and the last few years on mac.