macbook pro 13" system requirements

Hi there,
I’m planning on buying one of the macbook pro 13" configurations but I’m unsure about the integrated graphics. Except for that I’d really be glad on any hint on how well aspects work like game engine, especially the glsl materials and fluid, softbody and cloth simulation. What about complex scenes and rendertime in general? Any suggestions on which configurations to buy? Or does it depend only on how much money I want to spend? Any comments are appreciated.

The problem I have with MacBook Pros is there is no number pad. This affects Blender and After Effects usage.

well i won’t get a bigger laptop anyway so there won’t be a numpad in any case. I see reason for it being annoying since I worked with my netbook with blender and I when I had to switch layers it is one more click but I’ll take the chance. But still thanks for the advice :).

Isn’t there anyone with a little experience about this?