MacBook Pro: Alt-RMB and how to do it

On p.62 of John Blain’s book on Blender (which I rate) in section 3.21 - Edge Loop Detection, it refers to the creation of a tube made of a pair of extruded circles. OK great on my desktop, but I’m typing this on a train on a MacBook Pro.

I use the ‘emulate 3 button mouse’ in user prefs, but that means using the alt key as the MMB. So what if I need to do an Alt-RMB for instance? I need to press Cmd-Click as the RMB, but the Alt is now mapped as MMB, so it’s out of action.

If I turn off ‘emulate 3 button mouse’ mode, then that gives me the alt key back, but I don’t know how to get the RMB part as the MBP only has one button.

Anyone know how to fix this? I’m thinking I need to remap my keyboard in Mac settings, but I was hoping to avoid that if possible. I’ve tried using right-Alt + left Cmd-Click hoping the right alt would suffice, but it doesn’t work.

Please note - I’m not looking for a way to do edge loop detection per se. This post is about doing alt, ctrl and cmd -MMB/RMB clicks on a MacBook Pro in Blender.


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So what if I need to do an Alt-RMB for instance?
If you use the trackpad, Alt+two finger press ?

or preferably, plug in a mouse