Macbook Pro (cycles)

Having some fun with this one. Using two glossy shaders to give it that metallic look that Apple are famed for. Could be improved a lot (any tips?). Also, I’ve been having trouble with using the boolean mod to cut holes like the disk tray into the body of the laptop. Are there ways to do this so that the topology doesn’t go completely bezerk? Or is it worth waiting for the bmesh update?


Well Bmesh is out, but haven’t tried booleans with it yet. One small thing though, make sure to make the screen luminous. Right now it looks like a flat texture, where you would expect light coming from it.

Yeah, you’re right. There’s no ‘life’ to it at the moment. Would it be any use doing the screen as a separate render layer and then brightening it and giving it some other effects in the compositing? Or is there another way?

if you have a screen set as reflective i.e. glass and a separate mesh for the screen image you can just set the mesh with the screen on as emission…