MacBook Pro

This is my first Blender project.
Cycles render, 1500 samples. Little post-pro in Photoshop.


The keys are to high and u seem to be running the wrong os :stuck_out_tongue: apart from that its a great render… You are inspiring me to re render some of my apple models in cycles…
Very well done.

Ps. could you post a screen shot of the material for the body of the macbook?

IMO it’s exactly the right OS :wink:
And do you mean the nodes or what? The aluminum is simply glossy shader with .4 roughness.

I think what Natholas means is it isn’t running MacosX but Ubuntu with Unity desktop. So let me say it’s running the right OS but the wrong desktop :slight_smile:
The one thing I like about Gnome 3 is that it isn’t Unity which I really don’t get along with. In fact I’m looking at xface as an alternative right now.

Yeah, I run Ubuntu with Gnome3 on my laptop (not macbook though :P). If it wouldn’t be for the lack of hardware I would probably use Unity with the rotated dock mod, so it’s on the bottom not the side. But we’re getting off topic here :wink:

You could always have a look at Cairo Dock and delete the top menu bar (or just drag it down to the bottom of the screen and delete the bottom one) and, yes, this is getting off topic :slight_smile:

Looks pretty similar to OSX IMO :smiley:
As a Macbook user I can say this is a fine image. Only the keys are a bit too high as mentioned before.

Thank you!

they are not to high, in the new model they are lovered so they don’t touch the screen (that’s why they give a sponge between a display and keybord and track pad now dosn’t have the button but it’s have under the trackpad.

Dont get me wrong :stuck_out_tongue: I have a windows/ubuntu laptop and I would never change to osx

I do too (well, Ubuntu only), and I agree with you. The reason I modeled a MacBook is it had some interesting shapes that might be a challenge. But when it came to it, most of them were pretty basic :stuck_out_tongue:

this is very good, nice work…

Nice work!