MacGyver has chosen

Ah, I call this one finished. He isn’t necessarily the perfect match of likeness of Richard Dean Anderson, but there’s some likeness in him, I think. This was a fun little thing to do, I still like MacGyver, despite some of the episodes are pure cheese.

I’ll thorw in a render of that copmputer in the background in some point, it’s IBM 5120.

Rendered and modelled in Blender, some post pro in Photoshop

WHOaaa!!! SWEET!! I’m a big fan of MacGyver also and man, nice work! Love the computer! Murdoc lol :evilgrin:

As for the dude, yep I see some of Richard Dean Anderson in there, but honestly, the guy reminds me of Paul McCartney. :smiley: Not kidding. No offence intended.

All around, wow good job!

WOW! Great job! :smiley:
The modeling is absolutely spectacular :smiley:

A couple nitpicky things:
The materials could use some work(especially the skin…do you have SSS turned on? That could help if not :-D)
The hair could use some more children particles. It also usually helps to have hair particles fade in at the base(slightly) as well as fade out at the tip.

Other than that…Wow man, just wow! Great work :slight_smile:

I just LOL’d! xDD

The only thing I’m going to add is that line around the neck looks weird, I’ll guess and say it’s where your model head and body join together, but it’s out of place for me.

Oh, and you mispelled Choose on the comp screen (it says “Chooce”).

But, I love it. Maybe add a bubblegum in the paperclip? xD

Thanks from the comments. I’m not gonna do anything with this, at least, for now, it was just a fun little idea, that came in to my mind.

Magiciandude: You’re right about SSS, it does make the skin look better, you should see it with out it :smiley: