The title says all necessary :smiley:
I’m fairly pleased with the model, I need to tweak the bumpmap some more and think about a possible 80’s looking background.


Kinda looks like RDA… I see it.

Face modeling is hard. Specific character modeling is really difficult. You succeeded quite well, I think!

Just two things. Check out your nails. It looks like they are painted a slight pink - too feminine. A more natural skin colour would be better.

The eyebrows and eyebrow section looks are a bit strange. Mmm, Maybe just spreading the hairs a bit more uniformly with less definition would help. At the moment it looks like misplaced beard stubble or something. :wink:

But great job all in all!

i check references and it seems that richard dean handerson has a splited chin and the corners of the mouth are different than yours.
Great and funny idea by the way!

Something is wrong with the hand. The wrist area looks very narrow compared to the knuckles area. They are not too different in size with the wrist area slightly narrower. And the nail needs some work as mentioned above. Otherwise a good start although for some reason it doesn’t remind me too much of MacGyver yet. I can’t put my finger on the reason though. Maybe because I dig this character too much :stuck_out_tongue:

I think a good background could be if he was in a bar with smoke and neon lights?

Thanks from the comments guys.
I pushed some verts around here and there and retouched the color and bump maps.
The eye muscle and his lips are a bit too dark, so I need to fix that too.

That neoncolored background actually sounds like a good idea. Would at least fit in the 80’s vibe. And I am actually modeling an old IBM computer from the 80’s as well, so that might also find its way on the background.


The light at the base of his neck on his left side suggests that you have some hemi lighting as the collar and his neck should probably be putting that area in shadow based on the way other shadows are falling. If that is the case, you might want to switch to full raytrace for your final render. Otherwise, I would recommend playing with the lights to eliminate that spot.

I’m gonna play around with the lights some more, and do some tweaks on the texturing, but this is the scene I’m gonna roll with.


Haha… nice Murdoc pun :stuck_out_tongue:

hey a blue rim light around the silouhette could sound very 80’s

SOUND very 80’s???

or looks maybe:)

I’ve finished this for now, just follow the link in my signature for the finished piece.