mach 5

i’ve been using blender for less than 2 months but here’s one of my best projects…

For someone with just two months of experience - you have produce stuff that many with years of experience would envy. Great work!

realy thnx… i’m only 12 so when i see creations such as mothbiter, and the hover car thing and even the batmobile realy put’s me down cause i’m not sure if these ppl learned from tuts and experiance or just from making tons of things.

I would realy love to just make something even half as good as moth biter…

Very nice work for only two month’s of work! You could add a plane beneath the car so it doesn’t look like it’s floating, otherwise it’s pretty good!

Generally those images were created by people with a lot of 3D experience, so yeah they probably started with tutorials but over 3 to 5 years built up a skill base big enough to do that stuff. Don’t get discouraged by it, give it time and you’ll be able to do that!

You did a great job on this! With some practice and patients you will be doing models that will be better than anything you expect. You should alway be proud of what you do. I am sure that moth biter has done many many models to get to the skills he has now. You will be there too if you work hard at it.

thnx all of u but does anyone know of any realy good modeling tutorials prefurably on a furred animal but not just a hair tut because those never help me… and an eye tut cause once again i can’t find a good one… once again thnx for the encouragement

Here is a eye tutorial. I don’t have a animal tutorial but am looking for one as well I am working on a cow and need to figure out how to do the fur.

thnx for the tut but for some reason on the root falloff part the circle doesn’t shrink as i move the vertex in any help