Option under shift

Works fine for me, picks the grease pencil line tool.


Hi, thanks so much for this awesome addon. i saw that you applied materials with the new material picker. I can’t seem to get it working.

It’s not released yet.

Yeah the linetool itself wasn’t working 2.9 keymap breaks 2.91 gpencil tools for whatever the reason.

I’ve been playing with a simple, empty based group tool set.

It’s not released yet(not on gr or bm), but I’ve decided to push it early on github.

See and for details.

This was done in response to


I really like this new grouping feature its simple, fast and saves tons of time. Easy to add and remove objects from groups and finally gives blender that feature many of us have been waiting for years…somethings just has to be standard and one of them is GROUPING thanks machin3!

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More grouping:


Added an optional Group Sub Menu.

Unlike the main Object Context Menu, the sub menu will always show all tools. This may be a bit less confusing.

If disabled the Obj Context Menu will show all available tools based on your selection or presence of groups.


WOW! This is lovely! I was relying alot on GroupPro, but this is way more elegant and simple solution for what I need. Thanks again and Keep up the good work!

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Coming from Max I was missing the groups - now we’ve got them! Great job, and thank you! :slight_smile:

Nice! Just as I was wondering about how to approach this best. :wink:

If I may, there are a couple of things that come to mind regarding potential improvements, this is just me thinking out loud, hope you don’t mind.

  1. Symstract’s Modifier list has automatic scaling of empties based on an objects size, I think grouping would also benefit from an automatic scaling system and perhaps a user preference scaling factor.

  2. The group options could also appear on rightclick in the outliner (to be able to modify groups from there).

  3. Perhaps there could also be a user configurable set of hotkeys for ungrouping, selecting groups, etc that would work in object mode’s right click menu and in the outliner. You’ve mentioned something like this on twitter too iirc.

  4. I personally wouldn’t mind the group options to be in the object menu as well. That may make it more consistent with the rest of Blender, but not all that important.

  5. The “Machin3: Group” tool menu could be expanded to include a rename dialog box to rename the empty, when accessed with redo last or from its regular location.

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MACHIN3tools doesn’t set any of these keys. And unless you run the Customize tool with the keymaps option enabled, none of your existing keymaps will be changed or deactivated either.

They don’t.

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They did. I am not 100% sure which pies and/or tools I enabled and then disabled, but this did happen… and we can agree to disagree. ; - )

I can confirm that neither of those mappings are set by MACHIN3tools. I enabled and disabled everything and it didn’t have any effect on those two mappings.

I also checked the code and it matches what MACHIN3 has already said. You have to use the Customize tool to set those two mappings.

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I thought about that too. The question then becomes, what should be taken into account to size a group’s empty? The largest child? The space all the direct children take up all together, taking into accoutn the distance from the group empty? Or do it for all a group’s children, all the way down through multiple group hierarchies?


You can of course also easily, manually set the size of any empty from the object context menu.
If you hide the group empties in the 3d view, that will be reset again however. I could make it remember the previously chosen size though.

That’s the difficult one, this is just a hunch, but perhaps the median object size? In the worst case scenario one might manually set the size depending based on options alongside the empty’s location. in a redo last kind of fashion. This makes me wonder though what other program’s use as means for pivot scaling. :thinking:

I think the best way would actually be to make them respond to the viewport zoom, so hey appear fixed size however close you are. Just like most gizmos in Blender. I’m not exactly sure how this is done. They definitely do exist in 3d space, so are not drawn in screen space. The gizmo world matrix also changes just by moving/zooming the viewport, so there is scaling involved, just not sure how it’s determined yet.

Group refinements:

Sorry for the typos.

There have been some more group updates:

I think I’m about done with this for now. Thanks to everyone who provided input.
The group tool set will be officially released in the upcoming version 0.6.