use even and flipped option in offset loop cut otherwise it wont slide the loop well lol…

Assuming you want a loop cut and not an edge cut what i want,
It doesn’t really work because it doesn’t retain the edge shape.

For more simple things you can get away with minimal tweaking but for more complex it will need a lot of tweaking or just straight up not work correctly.

EDIT: And this is with Even and flipped in the correct direction.

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This could actually work out for the most part if they added a static edge option that worked with flip then you could. This wouldn’t solve the fact that some times you want an edge cut and not a loop but it would be a lot better then what we have currently.

here is a little test of what so far we have in blender for this, inset does the job better and its quicker, so we dont need inset option in offset edges cuz this is already that LOL… ah and also unchecking the loop slide option when beveling flat surfaces helps to get more even edge loops in complex topology…

@MACHIN3 Quick question. After Alt-Xing my meshes I often get sharpened edges added in seemingly arbitrary places. Any way to prevent those?


This workaround with Hidesato offset (Offset Edges - #363 by gorion103) might help in some cases

You offset edge slide in place, then degenerate dissolve and use then offset move (from the addon)

Normal offset for reference

@MACHIN3 Is it possible to add an option for Toggle Smooth to create Subdivide modifier if the object doesn’t have one? This way it would behave exactly like Modo

the hot keys are CTRL + 1, 2 ,3 ,4, 5. the number you chose will amount to the level of subvision you can also use those hotkeys to change the levels with out going in to the modifier.

I know and this is not i want. I want a simple one click solution, because in most cases all i need is 0 and 2 levels

Add the subd mod once, then use the Smooth tool to toggle it?

Would it be possible to add the new hardops set origin tool to shift + s pie menu ? idk how you feel about other 3rd party tools to your menus and i understand if that’s a no.

The MACHIN3tools origin change tools, support DECALmachine’s decal backups, and MESHmachine’s stashes, so I don’t recommend using other origin change tools, if you want to keep decal backups and stashes working.

I’ll see if I can get HOps origin change tool to support these as well, but no ETA, super busy right now.

I already support HOps and BC in the tools pie. But beyond those I probably won’t support other addons, simply because I don’t use any others right now.

That said, you don’t need me to tweak pie menus to your liking, you can do it. It’s plain text files, that anybody and read and edit. This is in particular true for the menu layouting, which doesn’t even require any real understanding of python.


Yes exactly. And make it optional. For now if an object doesnt have mod, pressing Smooth hotkey just apply smooth shading.

Yes, because it supports two workflows. “Korean Bevel smoothing” and “SubD smoothing”. The presence of the mod is used to make the distinction.

Have you made anything in Mesh Machine / Machine Tools, that allows you to slide edge loops via Ring Selection?

like, if I select this ring, but want to slide those loops along the edges? I don’t think Blender can by default?


You could swap to vertex mode and press g twice (or vertex slide), does that do the trick?

eeeh. If i selct the loops at the end/not the ring, it sort of works, but they don’t keep evenly together. They will start to slide together then 1 loop will go flying off sometimes/not keep that spacing.

Yeah, Smart Vert: Slide Extend will basically do this, if you have edge loops selected. It’s essentially a side effect, and wasn’t planed. Pushing it too far also has some issues, but it seems to work ok for small to medium adjustments.


aaaah cool! I’ll give that a shot, thanks!

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Hii Machin3, I think it cud be cool UX wise If we can get the Action Name as a short HUD display for e.g. whne using the Cleanup tool, the 1 sec Hud Dsplay gives a nice visual feedback of what was done, So I am proposing such Hud visual feedback while we are using Smart vert, edge n face tools since multiple options are combined under one tool and I am triyng to get used to them. Thanks, Also IS adding this Hud Display feedback (if that is what it is called ) is mere a addiotn of code to the scripts which we can do ourselfes as you have recomeended looking into the code for modifying the pie menu as it is a simple task in general.