It looks reeeeeally good! :star_struck:
Сan this tool snaps to geometry during extrusion?

And numeric input for holes, windows, doors, walls … :slight_smile:

If you are as lazy as I am, you will like this. Punching with incomplete vert/edge selections.


You big tease :wink:

I think having Edit Mode “Isolate” would be really useful also (but if Machin3 thinks implementation could be ugly, I believe him). I second MACHIN3’s suggestion to check out Zen Sets, so you might take a look and see if that suits your style. It quite closely mimics the ZBrush “poly groups” workflow, so if you’ve any familiarity with that, you’d find yourself right at home.

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better than polygroups, it stores verts, and edge selections something you couldn’t do properly with vertex groups… though i haven’t test this addon yet, but i have used this one at the moment Forgotten tools

I became a happy co-owner of this addon. I’m using blender 3.0 and here (Cursor and Origin Pie) there is no “to select” option. Maybe I’m the only one with this problem, but I’d be happy if you could tell me what to do to get it back

It’s called to Face in face mode, as it will work slightly differently whether you are in vert, edge or face mode. Same for the origin.
Also, check out the tooltips.

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I really like to use collection pie menu and I hope you will improve it a bit - to be able to do the same functions as outliner buttons to change visibility and selection of the collections right in a pie menu, without using outliner:

Have you tried the “Collection Manager” plugin that appears to now be rolled into the default Blender 3.0 installer (disabled by default)? This isn’t to override your suggestion regarding MACHIN3tools (I use them every day, except for collections pie at present), but to recommend that you may find the rather comprehensive “Collection Manager” suits your needs.

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Oh, I haven’t heard about it yet. I’ll give a try!

But at the moment I really like Machin3 Collection pie because its blasting fast and opens right where my attention is - this is why I prefer it to outliner on the side of the screen. Just want a bit more functionality with it…

Same with “Collection Manager”. Hit the “m” hotkey (re-bindable) and it pops up at your mouse cursor.

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The Collection Pie is unfortunately one of the most outdated parts of MACHIN3tools right now. I don’t think I’ll be spending time on it any time soon either. Sorry to say. Definitely check out the Collection Manager though, it’s probably more robust and feature rich than my pie.


For the Snapping pie menu, it seems like clicking the snapping presets should automatically enable snapping, and maybe clicking them a second time could disable snapping (making them toggles).

That, or adding the snapping toggle (magnet) to the menu would work as well, just in a less automatic way.

No, you enable snapping by holding CTRL. You want to be able to do this on the fly.

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Ah, I should have thought of that, I’ve been using CTRL a lot to snap to increments and never considered it for snapping to geometry as well. Thanks for the reply :smiley:

I do have one other question, not sure if it’s a bug or not. I often have to toggle cavity on more than once in the Shading pie menu to get it to actually activate. Is this intended behavior?

Depends. Blender treats Cavity and Curvature awkwardly, naming them both Cavity and then distinguishing between World and Screen types. Whereas MACHIN3tools distinguishes between Cavity and Curvature and easily allows you to toggle them separately.

These two approaches can be out of sync. But if you exclusively use MACHIN3tools to toggle them, that shouldn’t happen, except maybe the first time.

Also, note that the Modes Pie will disable both in Edit Mode, if that is enabled in the addon prefs, which it is by default.

Cursor Spin update in 1.0 (preview)

and of course the Group Transform/Gizmos in 1.0 DeusEx (preview)

Both available as pre-release on Patreon right now.


are these going to the payed version of machin3tools ?