Jumping in here, that splash screen looks like the one I had when the RC1 was first released, the macOS version had issues.

Try re-downloading again, the one I just downloaded works and says v 2.80 Release Candidate instead of v 2.80 Beta.

delete >>> application support /blender/ blender 2.80 folder
re download the 2.8 RC1 again ,
MESHmachine_0.6.10 & MACHIN3tools_0.3.12 preference active got issue
DECALmachine_1.8.6 success active

It’s clear the RC on MacOS seems to have numpy issues. This is not related to MACHIN3tools, other than MACHIn3tools using numpy, which is a module, Blender’s python supplies by default.

Please try entering import numpy into the python console. And see what happens.

Also try on the latest experimental build, released AFTER the RC.

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I could confirm it myself. Use the latest experimental build. It should work.

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Last night Blender RC1 solve the addon issue ( macos ). macos Rc1 try re-downloading again

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