I wasn’t requesting this to be added, but that would be nice, thank you Machin3. It would be even better if you could share here those python lines - I modified your tools a bit to suit my work preferences, so unless they’re massive updates, I tend to not update this addon too often (hotkeys and preferences get messed up too, no matter the update method).

Something I do wish was added (unless I am not setting this tool’s preferences the right way): about the Focus tool. It would be nice if when nothing is selected, for this function to Frame All. I understand this perhaps causes conflict with its multiple-levels-functionality, so this Frame All addition could be reserved for when the user chooses Levels: Single in preferences.

Good idea, done.

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You should fork the repo, then maintain your changes in a separate branch.
Not only does this allow you to exactly see what changes with every updated, you can then also easily re-merge your individual changes.

Also, if you have the repo in Blender’s addons folder, you don’t need to ever update (as in reinstall) the addon again.

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Since I discovered your addons- work in blender without it it’s just a lot of struggles!
But one thing is disturbing me quite often, I’m not sure if there is a way to workaround it, but I thought maybe it’s worth to mention and maybe we will find some solution.
Usually I work on widescreen monitor and on the right side I have refs/youtube e.t.c and my modeling area on the left side of monitor and quite often I model something on the left side of the viewport and when I try to quickly press Z~W to enable X-ray in edit mode- there is not enough space on the left side to fit whole menu and it shifted to the right, so now my cursore automatically hovered on Overlays button and as a result it also disables all overlays and I don’t see vertices/edges/faces in edit mode. It’s a small thing and maybe I should get used to not press this hotkeys while my cursor not in the middle of viewport, but maybe you will find some easy solution for this if you have time

There is nothing I can do about it unfortunately.
This is the pie menu misbehaving IMO. so it could be reported as a bug to the Blender devs.
What happens is, one of the main pie buttons is triggered, because it is highlighted and even though it’s not actually clicked.

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You should fork the repo, then maintain your changes in a separate branc

That sounds like a fantastic idea. I’ve never done this though. It sounds like something to do with source control like you would work in github afaik, but your tools come as a downloadable zip from gumroad. Do you have any links for me to read and understand what you are saying?

Good idea, done.

I just checked the changelog in the wiki and it’s still at v0.3.15 without any changes. No email reporting a new version arrived either. Do you mean you uploaded this somewhere other than gumroad/blendermarket?

Have you had an issue with the addon not bringing up a pie menu? I came here to check if anyone had a similar issue to me and yours is pretty close. I’m on 2.90 as well, every menu works fine for me except the align pie, its weird, but I’ll just go down a version for now.

v0.4 is out | Gumroad | BlenderMarket

This is a fairly big release. A lot of this development happened alongside DECALmachine 2.0 and I’m close to calling this 1.0, but before I can do this I need to vastly improve the documentation.

The amount of work that went into MACHIN3tools so far is not represented very well or at all in the docs. it deserves DECALmachine/MESHmachine level documentation, but that in itself takes a lot of work, and it’s hard to justify it in context of MACHIN3tools being a free addon.

Anyway, I will try to release videos covering everything there is to know over the next months.

For now the changelog will have to suffice. I have emphasized my favourites.

  • change addon preferences
    • by default only enable the Modes pie and Focus tool to prevent new users feeling overwhelmed and to emphasize the customizability
  • add Tools Pie Menu Q
    • BoxCutter and HardOps support
    • optionally draw Quick Menu and Toolsbar
  • Add Snapping Pie
  • Viewport Pie
    • add ResetViewport
    • add optional orbit method selection (enable in addon prefs)
    • ViewAxis
      • use ORTHO when ALT aligning to a selection
    • add Custom Views, either in Local or Cursor space
      • optionally set trackball navigation when using custom views
      • optionally set transform preset when switching them on
      • turn off ortho grid when using custom view, as it isn’t drawn properly anyway
  • Transform Pie
    • use VIEW preset instead of GLOBAL in custom views
    • add correct face attributes settings
  • Shading Pie
    • prevent accidentally switching to solid shading, when attempting to smooth in Material mode
    • prevent accidentally clearing custom normals when toggling cavity
    • add stats toggle (2.90 only)
    • add curve properties
    • add RotateStudioLight
      • rotate studiolight by 180 degrees
      • optionally rotate visible light sources too ALT
    • ToggleObjectAxes - draw cursor axes (in addtion to object axes)
  • Align Pie
    • Align - support aligning in cursor space CTRL
    • Center - support centering in cursor space CTRL
  • Cursor and Origin Pie
    • OriginToActive
      • support edit mode alignment to Verts/Edges/Faces
      • support multi Vert/Edge/Face selections
        • the location is averaged, the rotation taken from the active
      • support only setting location ALT or rotation CTRL
      • DECALmachine support:
        • automatically change origins of projected/sliced decals and update decal backup matrices
      • MESHmachine support:
        • automatically change origins of stashed objects and update stash object matrices
    • CursorToSelected
      • use median weighted center instead of bounds center when aligning to face
        • because Blender’s bounds center can produce locations not in the plane of the face
      • represent edit mode selection state in button label
      • support only setting location ALT or rotation CTRL
  • Save Pie
    - LoadMostRecent - ensure most recent file path still exists
    - MatcapSwitch - add option to force single color mode
    - fix rare unicode related exception when writing to the recent_files list/file
    - fbx export - use FBX_SCALE_ALL
  • Workspace Pie
    • SwitchWorkspace - also sync shading and overlays to non-alt workspaces, if ALT is pressed
  • add MACHIN3tools panel
    • add SmartDrive tool
      • easily drive one object’s location/rotation with the location/rotation of another
    • add Unity Export (Preparation) tool
      • for now
        • support mesh objects
        • support armatures
        • support meshes parented to other meshes or bones
        • support bevel, mirror and displace mods
      • prepare objects to achieve 0 rotation imports
      • swivel y and z scale props
      • add optional triangulation
      • already integrated in DECALmachine 2.0’s Atlas Export
  • Focus tool
    • Local View mode
      • add Focus Level HUD
      • also allow going up a level if selected objects == visible objects
        • so no need to deselect in that case
    • View Selected mode
      • if nothing is selected, focus on all visible objects
  • Align tool
    • support aligning to active bone
      • optionally parent to the bone
      • optionally align object Z to bone Y
      • optionally roll when aligning to Bone
    • prevent odd undo issue when calling the tool first thing in Blender’s startup scene
  • Cleanup tool
    • add removal of redundant verts and/or edges (replaces previous 2-edged vert removal)
  • SmartEdge tool
    • add bridge capability and expose bridge props to Redo panel
    • add “Korean Bevel” capability CTRL + 2
      • create “fake” bevel shading via support edges
      • uses offset edges or bevel, depending on topological conditions
  • Customize tool
    • update for 2.90
    • add statusbar changes for 2.90+
    • add extremely verbose terminal output for every change that is done (shading, overly, keymaps, etc)
    • enable use_uv_select_sync for startup file customization
  • fix Quadsphere exception in edit mode
  • fix PurgeOrphans tool not unregistering

This is awesome! 2 quick questions:

  • is there any way, when setting the origin based on the face, to set the origin alignment as well, based on the face orientation (I don’t see the point when it comes to vert normals or edges (if they even have normals) but face normals would be handy)?

  • this addon has been the one that has probably contributed the most in terms of quality of life improvements post 2.80. Is there any way of re-buying it on gumroad? I tried it out first, and using it every day just doesn’t feel right.

Hey, love your addon seems that with the new version i can’t enable it at all.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "E:\Programs\blender\2.91\2.91\scripts\modules\", line 351, in enable
    mod = __import__(module_name)
  File "C:\Users\{USER}\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.91\scripts\addons\MACHIN3tools\", line 59, in <module>
    from . properties import M3SceneProperties, M3ObjectProperties
ImportError: cannot import name 'M3ObjectProperties' from '' (C:\Users\{USER}\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.91\scripts\addons\MACHIN3tools\

EDIT: Instead of dragging and dropping installing seems to have gotten rid of the error.

This is default behavior. The Origin or Cursor will be aligined to the Location and Rotation of the selected object/vert/edge/face. If you only want to align location hold ALT. If you only want to align rotation hold CTRL. Check the tool tips when in doubt.
Also check the Object Axes toggle in the Shading Pie, which will draw the origin and cursor axes.

Happy to hear that! There does seem to be a Purchase Again button on gumroad.

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That global default tricked me again. :slight_smile: This is great, thank you! Also for taking the time to make it this tidy.

I just recently registered. Great to know there’s a way to do that. This is a recurring thing for me, trying stuff out and feeling like shit if I like it and use it all the time.


v0.4.1 is out | Gumroad | BlenderMarket

A tiny bugfix release.


  • Tools Pie
    • fix BoxCutter tool not appearing for some people
    • add HardOps menu in edit mode
  • Align tool
    • fix Align tool’s ALT + A shortcut not working, due to Blender’s (De)Select All shortcut taking precedence
      • discard 3D View Generic keymap, add Object and Pose mode keymap items instead
    • fix bone alignment, take Armature matrix into account


I am no longer getting the pie menu for align, I get this box instead. Is this the expected behavior? is the pie menu gone or is there an option I’m missing to enable it?

Apologies if this has already been answered, I couldn’t see it in the thread.

This is the align tool in object mode. The align pie exists in edit mode.

Oh I see, I guess I hadn’t used it in object mode before and assumed they were the same. Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile: