Well, the Ultra preset turns on volumetrics. So when I added this people were wondering why nothing happened: Without a volumne node(default), there are no volumetrics.

So then I auto-added that node if none was connected to the world shader. Just something to be aware of I guess. Check out the tooltip!

Thanks for the video!

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Thanks for the awsome addon and for improving my workflow @MACHIN3!

Coming from Max, I was wondering, could you add shortcuts support in the keymap for each of the edit mode align options? I would like to set up hotkeys for aligning in XYZ with Alt+X/Y/Z like it is done in Max. And I am also thinking about mapping the view specific align modes if you would like to add those as well.

Perhaps I glimpsed over this, but is there a way to update the addon to a newer version without affecting my customisations to the keymap?

In theory you can setup keymaps for these in Blender’s keymap editor. But the edit mesh alignment tool is really made to be used from the pie menu. The tool will check if ALT or CTRL are pressed, and from that determine if it should align in world or cursor space (or local if none are pressed).
So if you setup an ALT + X keymap, it will always align in world space, even if you pass in local or cursor space via the keymap.

I feel like the pie is also much more convenient, as it takes up only a single keymap, vs up to 9, if you want to cover all alignement approaches.

Perhaps I glimpsed over this, but is there a way to update the addon to a newer version without affecting my customisations to the keymap?

The best installation method is doing it manually. Remove the existing addon folder, extract the zip and move the new folder where the old one was. This will keep all your preferences as they were.


Because I still use Max from time to time, I would personally prefer the world XYZ alignment hotkeys, in order to have most of the basic functions on the same keys across the two programs. Would you mind sharing the command names to input in my custom keymap, if that’s possible?


  1. I had to disable my symmetrize keymaps, as I use ALT + X/YZ for them
  2. I set the world orientation, but as mentioned before, this will be done for any ALT keymap item anyway.
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Perfect :ok_hand:
Thank you for the clear explanation!

Heya! I can’t figure out what the Apply or Select tools do, and I can’t find any documentation about them anywhere. I’m not even sure where to look but it hasn’t been the right place yet. Thanks!


The apply is described on the general panel: apply transformations while keeping the bevel width as well as the child transformations unchanged

Selection helpers in its custom menu, you need to activate its Menus option

Hi ! Is there anyway to use the same blender theme you use for your video demonstrations?
I like the look of yours better than blender theme.

Under the machin3tools addon preferences, you can check the buttons for customising various Blender settings, including the theme. You can then press the customise button for the changes to take effect. Be sure to save/ backup your settings in case you want to revert back.

It is in machn3tools