Fixed, thanks for bringing that up.

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Yeah, I figured it’d be a stretch…

I guess I’ll have to get used to using the middle mouse button again. Although I guess I could change the behavior in the python code…? But I’m no developer and that might take considerable more effort than just getting used to middle mouse button…

Anyways, thank you for your reply ( ᐛ )و

As a work around you could change the behavior of the mouse buttons in the keymap, it definitely takes some time to go over all of them, but it’s a viable opyion to change selection keys, navigation, etc. Try fiddling around with it and if you need some help please let me know. I’ve gone over most of the keymap to customise it and it’s well worth it imo.

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thank you very much! May I ask how you do your navigation?

I actually made a script/addon to modify my hotkeys because I use the Dvorak Keyboard layout, but haven’t messed with the mouse settings. Pressing ALT and Left Mouse Button feels very natural to me because I rotate in the 3d view space a lot and it’s a less strenuous than using the Middle Button.

Awesome. And another one. Sometimes i add objects to the group by dragging them in outliner. Objects added that way won’t be selected when i click the group locator. Is it possible to add ‘Refresh Group’/‘Refresh All Groups’ buttons, so script checks every object in group hierarchy and adds missing ‘is_group_object’ custom parameters?

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Good suggestion. This is now part of the group cleanup pass I do, which I now also run at the beginning of the Select tool.

So to turn any object, you have manually parented to a group empty into a group object, run any of the group tools, the Select tool likely being the most convenient.

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Should be possible to handle “open” and “closed” state for groups using a widget, so when you select a member, depending on the group’s state the widget will select all objects or member only (a modifier key like ctrl may also alter the behaviour)
Widget like approach will be way faster and effective than looking at depsgraph events for selection changes.

Blender version: 2.91
Add-on version: 0.5.1

I have noticed several errors that appear in the Console. Here are the steps to reproduce them:

  1. Select an object in the viewport (for example, the default cube)
  2. Press TAB and switch to “Surface Draw mode” (clicking on the icon)
  3. Rotate the 3DView a bit with Middle Mouse Button
  4. Then this error might appear in the Console:

edit type not implemented!

  1. Select an object in the viewport (for example, the default cube)
  2. Press TAB and switch to “Surface Draw mode” (clicking on the icon)
  3. Press TAB and switch to “Draw” mode then switch to “Sculpt” mode (repeat it several times)
  4. Then this error might appear in the Console:

rna_uiItemR: property not found: GPencilSculptSettings.use_select_mask


Alternatively, (using the same Pie Menu, with TAB), if you switch to “Edit” mode or to “Object” mode, this error can appear:

rna_uiItemR: property not found: ToolSettings.gpencil_selectmode

rna_uiItemR: property not found: GPencilSculptSettings.use_select_mask

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Thanks fixed, except the first one, which I can’t reproduce.
I don’t think it’s MACHIN3tools related, and since there’s no exception, I can’t pinpoint it either. I did find that message in Blender’s code though, so might be worth reporting it on the bug tracker, preferably reproduced without MACHIN3tools.

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v0.6 is out | Gumroad | BlenderMarket


  • add comprehensive, export friendly Group tool set
    • group objects by parenting to empties
    • tools include Group CTRL + G , Ungroup, Groupify, Add and Remove Objects/Groups from Group, Select SHIFT + dbl-LMBand Duplicate Group
    • support auto-select, recursive-select and group-empty hiding - all enabled by default - and more
    • Outliner shortcuts 1, 2,3, 4 to Toggle Group Mode, Expand and Collapse, and Toggle Children
  • add Add Thread tool
    • in edit mesh context menu
  • add CursorSpin tool
    • in the Extrude Alt + E menu
    • CursorSpin basically just fixes Blender’s native Spin operator
      • for Blender’s native op is still stuck in a world where the Cursor had no rotation,
      • and so there is no convenient way to set the spin axis
      • while the spin center is properly initiated from the cursor location, the axis isn’t
      • the only way to use Blender’s spin op is using the Spin tool, which does it properly
      • CursorSpin does the same, but is also directly available from the Extrude menu, so there’s no need to the Spin tool
  • add SelectWireObjects tool
    • select wire objects, such as ones commonly used for booleans
    • ALT Hide them
    • CTRL include Empties too
  • Align tool
    • support aligning active between 2 selected object
    • support groups
    • support “Affect Only Parents” transform option
  • SmartVert tool
    • support vert bevel for single vert selections
  • SmartEdge tool
    • add Knife Project capability
      • if the selection is separated from the rest of the mesh, run knife project
      • useful to quickly knife project duplicated edge or face selections
    • Offset Edges (Korean Bevel)
      • properly remove sharps, when the Bevel tool is chosen
  • Material Picker tool
    • expose workspace names in addon prefs to filter which workspaces the tool’s button should appear on
    • add Material Picker to Object Context menu
    • optionally assign material too, using ALT
  • CleanUp tool
    • add option to find/select non-planar faces
  • SelectedToCursor tool
    • support “Affect Only Parents” transform option
    • properly support group auto-selections
      • if the active object is a group empty, ignore all other selected objects
      • this means you can easily move a group to the cursor or the cursor to a group, without having to disable auto-select
  • CursorToSelected tool
    • properly support group auto-selections
  • Focus tool
    • fix invert mode being initiated via ALT modifier key
  • SurfaceSlide tool
    • fix issues with booleans, by stripping all mods from the surface reference object
  • Customize tool
    • Overlays
      • disable show_fade_inactive edit mode overlay
    • Keymap
      • ensure CTRL + B bevel keymap uses OFFSET
      • change SHIFT + CTRL + B vert bevel keymap to edge percent bevel instead
        • you can easily do vert bevels using SmartVert, or regular bevels switched to vert via V in the modal
        • switching mode using M in the modal is cumbersome however, hence the extra keymap
      • force bevel keymap profile of 0.6
        • this is helpful when alternating between Smart Edge Offset Edges, which forces a profile of 1
      • deactivate mesh.fill ALT + F keymap
        • this means ALT + F can be used from edit mesh mode to center the view on the mouse, just like in object mode
  • Shading pie
    • add ColorizeObjectsFromGroups tool
      • recursively assign random colors to each group in the selection
      • ALT use existing group empty colors, instead of new random colors, to unify group objects colors
      • CTRL only colorize the active group
  • Transform pie
    • add “Affect Only Group Origin” option
      • this enables “Affect Only Parents”, and disables Group Auto-Select at the same time, allowing for convenient “Group Origin” changes
  • Modes pie
    • fix several gpencil (“Surface Draw mode”) issues due to 2.83+ API changes
  • Tools Pie
    • fix issue when not in Object or EDIT_MESH modes
    • fix issue when drawing tool name, if the pie’s tools are customized
  • M3 theme
    • tone down outliner selection color

Can you please consider possibility to add background color settings for each Matcap with Shading Pie: Matcap Switch Tool.

So we will be able to fastly change viewport settings for example to see black silhouette on a white background.

P.s. actually, I set Shading pie to Z and absolutely happy with it! Z-X, Z-X :smiley:

Awesome set of tools, probably my most used addon!
however, I noticed a couple of things lately, since 0.5 and 0.6 releases that I feel makes some of the commands a bit more clunky. Here are some suggestions I’ve thought about in the past weeks since the 0.5 release. I hope its okey, this is only my prefrences so dont take it to serious! :slight_smile:

The align pies new addition to use it in local and world space (great function!) but it would be nice to have a checkbox to bring back the old one, since the hotkeys (alt + ctrl at the same time) cant be pressed, or add a option to rebind those keys?
Or simpler solution could be ctrl + alt = always world align as well?

A great addition for this tool would be to have a “align each” which align each part of the connected selections to its local most Up, Down, Right or Left point.
Modo has this feature in the Seneca scripts, which basically adds another button in the pie menu “each align” which opens up a second identical pie menu, but this time its aligning each connected selection.

The “knife project” in the smart edge is a handy and powerful functionality, but again, it removes the function of selection border edges when you have more then one mesh island in your object, again the ability to have this feature be a part of a optional checkbox within the smart edge properties like “edge slide” and “toggle sharp” would be awesome.
(sorry ment knife project in the image, not mesh cut)

and one last small thing / bug I noticed in the 0.6 version.
After duplicated instances of groups, I could not add new objects to get replicated in the instanced groups.
( im on the 2.92 beta build so it might have to do with that )

all in all, Its a awesome addon and I cant believe its for free, Its by far one of the few addons that has become a part of my day to day blending, and it would be a pain to go back to how it was without it :slight_smile:

Cheers man!
Keep up the great work!