(MACHIN3) #41

I wanted to comment on the numerous feature requests I’ve been getting for MACHIN3tools.

Everyone seems to have his own little button he wants to have placed somewhere.
Unless I find a suggestion useful for myself, I probably won’t be adding any of those suggestions.

MACHIN3tools is provided as is, for free. I’m focusing on the tools I have paying customers for right now.

If you have a need for for some extra setting somewhere, I invite to do the tweak yourself. It’s not hard. Pie menus are the perfect introduction to python in Blender. Just play around with it.

(Pitiwazou) #42

ha ha ha, I have a lot of requests like that on my addons, people want the addons follow their own workflows.

(MACHIN3) #43

Yeah, understandable of course. But it’s so easy to customize pie menus.
Asking me to do it for everyone will end up in a bloated mess.

Instead, everyone should build on existing tools and customize to their personal needs.

In fact, that’s how I got started, by customizing your pies :slight_smile:

(JoseConseco) #44

Or just get Pie Menu Editor - then there is no need to learn python, and you can make your own pie :slight_smile:

(MACHIN3) #45

A good pie is more than a menu though, but comes with small convenience tools. But yes, for most requests I get, that would suffice. Not sure how it handles editing existing pie menu, though.

(MACHIN3) #46

v0.3.3 is out

  • allow material appending in edit mode with edit mesh selection
  • update Customize
    • Matcaps and Default Shading
      • disable setting shading type to SOLID to avoid crash since Blender 1b870bce85d
    • Keymaps
      • set 3D View set_cursor kmi’s orientation property to GEOM
  • SmartFace
  • ShadingPie
    • reset xray_alpha to 0.5 when leaving edit mode, thanks @Drakosha
  • Preferences - Modes Pie
    • disable Rotate Around Selection by default

(Dheim) #47

If I disable the Modes Pie option in the preferences and then switch to the Keymaps tab my console gets spammed with this:

And on the keymaps tab my Pie Menus section of MACHIN3tools is empty.

Maybe it’s something I did wrong but I completely removed my previous version of M3Tools right before installing 0.3.3.

(MACHIN3) #48

I can’t replicate this. Please show me your General and Keymaps tab before your disable the modes pie. Thanks.

(Dheim) #49

And then when I disable it:

Thanks :slight_smile:

(MACHIN3) #50

There are other things not adding up. You have the Smart Edge and Smart Face tools disbled, yet their keymaps are displayed. This should’t happen and doesn’t happen for me.

Please try on a fresh Blender, by loading the factory settings from the file menu, then enable MACHIN3tools and disable what you dont want and check the keymaps tab again.
As long as you don’t save the prefs, you won’t loose anything from the factory reset.

(Dheim) #51

Testing it that way worked fine, reimporting my saved keymapping alone caused it to break again. I’m not sure how a saved keymapping would break it but it did. I knew it was something on my side just didn’t know where to look (new to Blender). Thanks for your help!

(MACHIN3) #52

May have been Blender too. I somehow broke a 2.80 keymap/config just a few days before the initial 0.3 release, which made me create the Customize tool in response. The devs had been working on the keymaps at the time as well.

Anyway, glad its working now.

(Giakaama) #53
# in class PieCursor
# 2 - BOTTOM
# i left alone the if context.mode == "OBJECT":
# then added the 

 if context.mode == "EDIT_MESH":
            prop = pie.operator("wm.context_toggle_enum", text="Direction", icon='OBJECT_DATA')
            prop.data_path = "scene.transform_orientation"
            prop.value_1 = "NORMAL"
            prop.value_2 = "GLOBAL"


        # 8 - TOP
        prop = pie.operator("transform.create_orientation", text="Pivot Custom", icon='FACESEL')
        prop.use = True = "Pivot Custom"
        prop.overwrite = True

If you want to orient the transforms to the orientation of the selected faces/edges, and use that orientation when modelling .

(Canseco Gpc) #54

There was a little change on the 2.80 addon API today that broke some plugins, like yours:

So next daily build tonight will be affected by this.
At least it was easy to fix by renaming references to user_preferences for preferences on,, ui/operators/, ui/, utils/, and utils/

(MACHIN3) #55

Thanks, there was also a keymap rename the other day. I’ll get a fix out tomorrow.

(Lee Hinds) #56

Not sure if this is the same problem CansecoGPC ran into but I’m getting an error as soon as I try to install.

(Peetie) #57

This seems to be another thing. In that case I think you have to restart, or otherwise delete previous installations.

(Mohammed) #58

I have the same problem, i think you have to go back in build

(TitusLVR) #59

For those who want’s Machin3tools working on last blender version, just rename all “–//–.user_preferences.–//–” to “–//–.preferences.–//–”, in python files, it will take 3-5 minutts


But its take 20 sec for rename all!! In atom open folder => ctrl+f(find)=> replace all results in one click for file. u need just open all .py file in left column one by one.