Ouch. I somehow took that feature for something you’d have to do repeatedly, don’t ask me why but that was that. Thanks for your patience and help!

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Hello Machin3, I accidentally, I mean out of curiosity clicked on ‘Customize’ in addon preferences. I was using my own keymap and viewport settings etc which obviously got changed. So, I reverted back and imported my custom keymap settings back. All is fine except that I have multiple Keymap Entries and The Header which acc to ur customization settings sits at the bottom which is unfortunately is somehow got hardcoded into blender, i mean I have tired my setup saved prefs and startup file too but that dayum Header is always at the bottom no matter how many times I flip it to the top and save prefs and startup file. When I open blender, it is always at the bottom. What have I done wrong, Can you help ?

O my bad, I found it

But still have multiple keymaps maybe it is bacuse of my own keymap which I exported and then Imported back !! :persevere:

Not sure, do a factory reset, then import your keys.

Um, Mr. Machin3… the dev who made the Set Dimensions addon (that is no longer working in 2.93.0) is away at camp, for months, and even when he/she returns there is no guarantee of future development…

Any way you could add Set Dimensions functionality in MACHIN3Tools? This allows one to precisely set the dimensions of any selected verts, edges or faces on the x/y/z in Edit Mode. I personally use this many times a day and truly cannot live without it. Is this possible? It would be an incredible addition to MT!

Hey, @MACHIN3 , any good news about hyper cursor?

Hello MACHIN3 !

I just updated your addon and enjoy it.

But I found a little bug when doing “cursor to face”.
As you see, the cursor is not properly centered like the gizmo is :

I saw it’s because of the “cursor_to_editmesh” function which uses

average_locations([f.calc_center_median_weighted() for f in faces])

Could you enhance this fonction or maybe just return the gizmo location ?

Thank you,

Working as intended. If you enable the face dots, you’ll see that the cursor is positioned in the center of all selected face centers.

If you want the cursor centered to the cylinder cap, go into vert mode with the outer verts selected, which is also what the the gizmo does with median pivot point.

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    new_x = FloatProperty(name="X", min=0, default=1, unit='LENGTH')
    new_y = FloatProperty(name="Y", min=0, default=1, unit='LENGTH')
    new_z = FloatProperty(name="Z", min=0, default=1, unit='LENGTH')


    new_x: FloatProperty(name="X", min=0, default=1, unit='LENGTH')
    new_y: FloatProperty(name="Y", min=0, default=1, unit='LENGTH')
    new_z: FloatProperty(name="Z", min=0, default=1, unit='LENGTH')

YES!!! Thanks bro!!! You da man!!! : - )

Hi I listed Machin3 tools in as a free addon. Hope you are ok with it!

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Sure thing, thanks!

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