Oh, I haven’t heard about it yet. I’ll give a try!

But at the moment I really like Machin3 Collection pie because its blasting fast and opens right where my attention is - this is why I prefer it to outliner on the side of the screen. Just want a bit more functionality with it…

Same with “Collection Manager”. Hit the “m” hotkey (re-bindable) and it pops up at your mouse cursor.

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The Collection Pie is unfortunately one of the most outdated parts of MACHIN3tools right now. I don’t think I’ll be spending time on it any time soon either. Sorry to say. Definitely check out the Collection Manager though, it’s probably more robust and feature rich than my pie.

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For the Snapping pie menu, it seems like clicking the snapping presets should automatically enable snapping, and maybe clicking them a second time could disable snapping (making them toggles).

That, or adding the snapping toggle (magnet) to the menu would work as well, just in a less automatic way.

No, you enable snapping by holding CTRL. You want to be able to do this on the fly.

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Ah, I should have thought of that, I’ve been using CTRL a lot to snap to increments and never considered it for snapping to geometry as well. Thanks for the reply :smiley:

I do have one other question, not sure if it’s a bug or not. I often have to toggle cavity on more than once in the Shading pie menu to get it to actually activate. Is this intended behavior?

Depends. Blender treats Cavity and Curvature awkwardly, naming them both Cavity and then distinguishing between World and Screen types. Whereas MACHIN3tools distinguishes between Cavity and Curvature and easily allows you to toggle them separately.

These two approaches can be out of sync. But if you exclusively use MACHIN3tools to toggle them, that shouldn’t happen, except maybe the first time.

Also, note that the Modes Pie will disable both in Edit Mode, if that is enabled in the addon prefs, which it is by default.

Cursor Spin update in 1.0 (preview)

and of course the Group Transform/Gizmos in 1.0 DeusEx (preview)

Both available as pre-release on Patreon right now.


are these going to the payed version of machin3tools ?

DeusEx is paid.


Interesting tools! And, some of the nicest looking gizmos out there.

Question: could the affect Group Gizmo’s only toggle be in the N-panel as well, so it could be used without the pie menu and/ or hotkeyed directly?

E: I saw on the youtube comments that the coloured cursor tool in the toolbox is from Hypercursor.

You mean, when changing the group origin?

Yes it is.

Yes, so that all the Group Gizmos options are there. I see “affect Group Gizmos only” is not in the N-panel menu at the moment. See images below:


Or maybe it should be within the N-panel below affect origins only, but I don’t know whether you have access to that.

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Both is possible yes.


Good suggestions, thanks!


Yeah, I noticed that setting that toggles them off in edit mode, but it says it also toggles them on in object mode. That sounded like a good way to work to me, so I left the option on. Still, it seems like cavity does sometimes find a way to toggle itself off, and I’m wondering if the setting is not always working when switching back to object mode like it should?

When I notice cavity has switched off (or when I turn it on for the first time), I often have to hit it twice to turn it on. Sometimes it works the first time I turn it on, but often have to hit it that second time. Almost like hitting it the first time tries to turn it off even if it’s already off.

Works fine for me. Feel free to reproduce and report your behavior. Ideally with a blend file and video. And via email.

When i use Material Picker tool with ALT to assign to selection. Material is applying to all faces, not selected. Also undo when Material Picker is used dont work.

When one object is selected not material is assigned.

Maybe You may add options so that after selecting Material Picker in “pick” mode in the properties panel it will automatically show the material tab.