(radi0n) #81

Thank You! Keep the good work!
I cant wait for all your addons for Blender 2.8!

(radi0n) #82

Is it possible to add many worlds presets to the menu( ctrl +s) just like materials or only one (Name of World)?
In World source .blend file i have saved 5 worlds (with fake users).

(faven) #83

I might be very dense here but how do you get out of “focus” mode? Can’t seem to find the shortcut for it in the keymaps

(radi0n) #84

deselect everything and press ctrl+f


What needs a change in your great addon for toggle solid/wireframe without losing overlays. I work with ref a lot so for me, its be better. now I use default toggle for this it is faster not need 2x click for seeing overlays.

(MACHIN3) #86

I doens’t need two clicks, not every time. MACHIN3tools remembers your choice per mode, unlike the Blender toggle, For wireframe, lookdev and rendered overlays are turned off by default, while for solid its turned on.

If you switch it on for wireframe using the toggle in the pie, it will stay on. Doing this, will save you clicks.

(MACHIN3) #87

Not right now. I chose to add one, because that’s how I set up my world, with multiple groups in it that I can plug into the output. I realize, that can be limiting for some people and it’s trivial to do it in the same way it’s done for materials right now, so I’ll try to change it in the next update.

As explained in the video:


Tnx dont know this.

PS still waiting for meshmachine 2.8!!!

(radi0n) #89

Everybody is waiting!
I miss UnFcuk tool!

(MACHIN3) #90

DECALmachine first.

(Joao Paulo) #91

Question: With text when I press TAB to supposedly edit the text it does not show any modes. Is there a way to bypass this? Besides disabling the addon?

And happy new year!

(Sebastian Villanueva) #92

This happens also when you have the pie menu activated and choose Ctrl+Spacebar to maximize viewport. I simply deactivate this one:

(Menn007) #93

Hi Machin3,

stupid question perhaps, but watching your Machin3tools video I notice that the tool windows popup at your cursor location in addition to bottom-left. (for example the mesh cleanup)
Do you know (or someone else) where I can enable this behaviour?


(MACHIN3) #94

It’s mentioned in the intro video and I’ve mentioned it a couple of times elsewhere as well now.

The modes pie only supports meshes, uvs and armatures right now. You are free to edit the pie to add support for text etc, It’s easy. I have to focus on other things for now.

F6 by default, I recommend remapping it.

(Joao Paulo) #95

No worries then. May great things happen next year. :slight_smile:


MACHIN3, I just stumbled upon your addon. I’m very impressed, and I’m sure I’ll use the hell out of this. I am new-ish to Blender, but a seasoned 3d pro with almost 20 years under my belt. One thing that Blender does not appear to have is a rest-on-ground function (found a script, but didn’t seem to work in 2.8), that I have been quite accustomed to using (a lot) for many years… I haven’t dived into MACHIN3tools at all yet, but are you able to add anything like this, or is MT limited to pie menus etc? It would ROCK if you could add this feature to whichever menu was appropriate. Placing cursor and moving origin and then Alt+G kinda blows, for how often I use this. Maybe I’m not alone…

(MACHIN3) #97

Is this what you mean?

For now, only works on the z plane however.

I recommend watching the entire video. There are various tools supplied.
And even the pies are not just pies, not just a new arrangement of existing blender tools and properties, but instead add a number of “mini tools”, that are not present in Blender itself.


Yessssss!! Thank you so much M! I’m surprised this wasn’t showing up in google searches of rest on ground and drop on floor… In any event, you got it, and I am thrilled. And I have no doubt I’ll be blown away by everything else in MT. I’m going to install tonight, and try to hamfist my mastering of MT in with all the other stuff I want to master in Blender! Thanks again!

Edit: Holy smokes M! Yowza! I am indeed blown away!.. I hate to ask for more features on my first day using MT, but is gltf/glb import/export coming any time soon? Having this in Ctrl+S pie would be huge for my workflow…

(Canseco Gpc) #99

You can edit inside ui folder like this:


Nice! Thanks for this! And I really should start playing with Python in Blender when I get a chance, since I am a veteran JS programmer, in addition to 3D artist. I gotta shift my paradigms and stuff, now that I plan to move to Blender completely. Things like this were not easily done where I came from…