Machine in the Forest
(click on image for high resolution)

This is a scene I have been working on for a bit, most of the time has been spent trying to work out a style that I liked and I think I have finally found one.

The image is not done yet, I need to fix the foot prints, add in the background, and perhaps add in some more clutter on the forest floor. I’m mostly curious what people think of the style, but any other comments are naturally helpful.

Why is the machine not toon shaded? Would be cool with Halo spotlights so that lights filter through trees?

Wow! I love your style! Kudos!

I am a little concerned about those heavy dark shadows along the tree line.

I like the style. Sort of 2 1/2 D. Looks like an illustration for a children’s book. If you’ve got a story to go with the images, you could have a very successful commercial product.

very interesting. thats taking blender one step forward. the non toon shaded machine tree draws attention, which is good because thats obviously your focal point. of couse the footprints closest to the hatch thing look like they come up out of the ground instead of going in. at least your fixing it though.

this would be a very neat story, not necessarily a children’s story, but it could go in that direction if you wanted it to. but as a single peice of art it looks great.

Thanks for all the comments. NJROTC nailed it, the machine is not toon shaded to draw attention to it. I thought of adding in some light streaming through the trees, but I haven’t come up with a way to make it work with the style yet so I am leaving it out for the time being.

Orinoco, one of the reasons I was trying to work out a style is because I have an idea for an comic that I have sort of been working on for a while now and I wanted to have a good toon style that I could work with.

I’m posting the finished work in the forum of the same name and calling it good for now.

Sweet style! Clean, elegant, clear. I like the composition too, emphasis in the right place, low contrast around the edges.
I’ve never heard of mushrooms sprouting or growing in the snow (could be wrong here) but they lend to the surreal atmosphere.
If you want to change something though, the smoke seems too uniform. The billows should grow larger the furthur they get from the machine, or at least be non-uniform in size. They also appear to be all on the same plane, which gives it a very flat look. At first I though it was dead foliage on the trees, maybe make it a darker color?
If you’d like to have light filter through the leaves, why not simulate it with a mesh object with alpha? Each shaft of light could be represented by a single disconnected triangular face. The tri’s will give a clean cartoony look, and it would be easy to tweak and quick to render.

I really like that! Love the way the machine looks.

Actually, I think the piece would look better if you tried to get the woods to fit more with the machine, rather than the machine to look like the woods. :wink: