Machine maintenance

Modeled, shaded, rendered, comp in Blender 2.79b with very minor adjustments/texture work in Krita.

My big concerns with the render are:

+Lighting: Is it too dark?

+Monitor lighting: Is the image in the monitor too sharp?

Otherwise I appreciate any other comments or critique regardless if they have anything to do with these two concerns that I pointed out

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I really love your model, very interesting looking. I think the lighting is great, apart from the monitors. I think they are totally dominating the scene - and draw your eyes away from the reast of the room. Maybe blur them fractionally, as you said, and reduce the sauration and luminence of the green. Also, the green just seems to clash really harshly with the rest of your colour pallette.

Maybe once that is fixed, you’re going to find you’ll need to reduce the luminence of your other lights too, they seem very harsh.

I’m far from an expect though, so feel free to ignore my advice. :wink:

Thanks for the compliments Cuckoo!

Your comments are valid and very appreciated :slight_smile:

I’m looking into the monitor lighting problem, I will also try experimenting some other color for the monitors

Thanks again!

Glad I was able to help. :slight_smile:
Please do post an update with any changes you decide to make!

Toned down monitor emission and tried a new color. Made things a bit brighter:

Nice! I think that’s looking much better. Dare I say you could turn the monitor emissions down even more? Maybe make the screens look a little burned out and dusty?

Either way the yellow looks really nice, and you notice the machine in the background a lot more now. I really love the vent with the dust particles as well, looks very lifelike.

I really like your updated version! If you don’t mind, I would like to offer some constructive criticism that I think will help you push this piece a bit further.

Composition: First of all, I think you do a good job of having a lot of visual interest in the scene, and I especially like your treatment of the desk and monitors. That being said, the desk/monitors are likely the focal point that your viewers’ eyes will ultimately be drawn to. However, it is cut off at the edge of the frame. This is a visual cue to the reader that it’s not, in fact, an important part of the scene. I think this might cause some visual confusion because the viewer is left wondering what they are supposed to focus on now. If you turn the camera to the left a little to capture more of the desk (at least all of the monitors) your scene will benefit greatly. additionally, this will lie on the left third of the screen (rule of thirds). Some other things you have going for you are the elements pointing the viewer towards the desk such as perspective lines, and the angles of the catwalk.

Color: Your most recent version is excellent because you switched from a roughly analogous color scheme (green and yellow), to a stronger complementary color scheme of yellow-orange and blue. I think you could push this further and bring out the blue a bit more. I think a great way to do this would be to place the desk/monitors in more light than the background (and thus making the blue stand out a bit more).

I did a quick paintover to show what I mean:

I placed the desk/ monitors in more light than the background, and made some other interesting shapes on the right (the light, handrail, and front of the machine) in more light. A neat trick i learned is to shrink your image down so that it’s a thumbnail (maybe 50x50px or so) and see if you can still ‘read’ the scene. Meaning that your basic shapes/composition should be able to convey the ‘story’ of your scene at a glance. Sometimes this means creating more contrast between the important and non-important shapes/masses in your scene.

I also added a bit more saturation to the blue drawers to make them pop against the yellow to maximize your use of your color scheme.

Overall, I really enjoyed looking over your scene and I love the detail you’ve put into your objects, as well as the texture work. Hopefully this wasn’t overly critical, and please forgive me if restated anything you already knew.

Edit: changed a few words.

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Hey there Villitz! I really appreciate you taking the time to make such a detailed review. Your critique was in no way overly critical and I believe all of us that come to this section of the forums hope for such insightful replies.

You are spot on in your observations and I especially liked the yellow look of the railings and new lighting scheme you suggested.

I’m not sure if I’ll have much time to try these new changes but they gave me plenty of food for thought on my current project (the thumbnail trick you mentioned will definitely help).

Again, thank you for the critique and paintover!

Okay i like your first version most on terms of lighting. Bit your right the monitor is to harsh. If just fine down saturation and make the display a bit more scratched. Maybe even have a light be reflected by the display to further reduce the intensity. Just don’t change it to yellow. I like the green version much more.

Also maybe making the whole scene more contrasty will help with the lighting. Or just go total crazy and have the device snoot lighting and stuff.

Also think you might benefit from a clear point of interest at the front of the device. Maybe some kind of every core? It’s just that my eyes are being drawn to the “nose” of this long tube by all your guiding lines but then there like nothing really interesting to look at :frowning:

But great work on general! Really nitpicky complaints here!

Thanks betalars!

The monitors do indeed look very clean compared to the rest. I’m trying to improve this kind of lack of consistency on my current project as this dose indeed seem to stick out to a couple of people that have seen my render.

Interesting you preference for the green version, you are the first! Though I think if I had made the monitors a bit more worn/broken/less intense the whole color issue might have gone under the radar.

Finally, the machine shape that leads to the empty bottom right corner… I’m not sure if something like a bright energy core wouldn’t be a bit too demanding in terms of attention (like the bright monitors). But I do see what you mean… maybe something a bit more subtle like some reddish parts as if it was a very hot part of the machine.

At any rate I thank you again for your observations, I believe I was able to see/learn quite a bit with this project’s feedback :slight_smile: