Machine Turret -Many updates 19/7
OK, this isn’t my usual thing to modell, I modell it free without any references so I sure need some Tips & Coments on this one!
This is how it looks so far:

Tell me what you think about it!

It looks VERY good sofar. Looks kind of like the floor turrets in starcraft…

anyway, There isn’t much to critisize, i see you’re not done but i would guess you are planning a single support structure in the center to hold up the guns, also, it might be cool if you connected the guns with sifi style tubes and such, also, some computer displays and lights… (little glowing green and red things all over with no apperant purpose)

That’s all so far.

That looks pretty good so far. Maybe some screws and some small panels around it would make it look really detailed.

What will it be for?

Yes please, a watercooled cannon.

modeller: maybe you should think what a gun like that would need if it was for real? Off the top of my head I’d say feeding the bullets, removing the spent casings (correct my spelling), rotation of the gun, trigger and aiming devices (or maybe its computer controlled), is it stationary or moving, etc.

It sounds boring but it might give you some ideas.

OK, i have added some tubes on the back. I don’t realy know how to connect the tubes to the wepons, and I don’t realy know how to make the “body” on it… so this is going to be a challenge! Keep in touch and keep comment!

From your last picture I guess the cylinders are the water of the water cooling system? I’m not fond of the valve wheels on top of them. Things like those valves tend to break in combat situations.

How about modeling a spot on each barrel to eject the spent shell? Or if this is a phaser/light based weapon?

Looking Nice 8)

As to the base, this is my favorite base for turrets, maybe it can give you an idea,

this one is for maximum movability and aim… it unfortunately doesn’t look really impressive…

1: a rotating turntable
2: a joint to adjust height and angle

sorry for the bad image… :-?

jessethemid: hehe, that’s a nice reference picture :stuck_out_tongue: I understand you idea and I will give it a try… hopefully today.

Thanks for yout replys. I’m going of line for trhee days now, so please keep the thread alive! :wink:

Here’s some clarification, to make up for my bad gimp sketches.

Pardon the bad img quality on the gif

OK, here’s a small update in movie format:
I havent done much on it because I don’t have much time, but I will change that. %|


we share the same imagination [kothe] :smiley: thats exactly what looks cool!

BEUTIFUL! i love it… especially the base, you managed to make it flexible and small while keeping the ‘bulky yet powerful’ look, i’m afraid that i have to revise my favorites list…

Great Job
-Jesse the Midget

Here’s a pic on the attachment of the cannons. Now I just have to figure out how to atach the tubes on the back.
c&c :wink:

they might look to fragile to handle the big forces that occur when firering…

Yea… I will make them a bit stronger. I realized that I got some more problems… I don’t know how the heck I’m going to texture the damn thing! :-?

Here’s a render of the front of the turret.


its great! but i dont think this shape is suited for bullets, in real life. the barrel is just to thick. but since this is 3d fake i think it will just do fine.

It’s not made for bullets. It’s a photocannon with watercooling system. If you guys want to help me… please give me advices on how to texture it later on. I’m feeling that it’s closening up on me!

Much updates, no coments… :frowning:
OK, I made the tubes smaller and I made them eight instead of four. I made the body a bit stronger. Still woundering how I will stick the tubes on the body. hmm…