Hi all
This is my project a little bit future digger…


not bad, the front end seems like it’s too big, the thing would tip over if it tryed to lift anything, also i think the wheels tread could use a little work, and the triangular thing in the back left looks like it is floating. But other than that, not bad

Mmm… interesting!


Little update…
The back section is not complet…it is provisional…

They call that a “front-end loader”.

If that ladder is to scale then the thing’s massive! The pressure on those two front lifter pistons must be enormous.

My only thought is the clearance. A normal loader is designed to swing the bucket up really high with the armature out of the way, so that it can deposit its load into a DJB or the like.

What is the target application here? Strip-mining?


Duoas:sry for my poor english…
This is a little future model,and for technical side it has been ok…?

Genom -

I like it! Nice attention to detail. :smiley:

Duoas was pointing out pressure on the front end pistons being enormous. This is true, but hopefully the hydraulics are designed to handle that. What does seem odd is that the stroke length of those pistons is fairly short and it looks like (even using the leverage points) you wouldn’t be able to articulate the front end up/down as far as needed to do the jobs one would want a FEL for.

Lest I sound hypercritical… I really do like your work. Can’t wait to see textures on it.

Are you going to animate it?


Er yeah.

The way it is designed now, the higher you wish to raise the bucket, the more pressure is required. That’s because your leverage gets shorter. Notice how the pistons articulate a roller upon which the bucket arm rests. The higher the bucket, the closer to the pivot point the roller gets. This would produce enormous pressures. And believe me, a bucket of the magnitude in your picture weighs as much as your car and your neighbors.

Also because of the increased pressure load, you’ll have more bounce in the bucket when raised than lowered. Bounce is always bad. Due to the size of this particular loader, having the bucket arm simply rest on the roller by gravity probably won’t be much of a problem… In a smaller machine it would be.

However, you must also be careful of side-to-side forces. This type of machine experiences a great deal of shearing forces on a regular basis. Should one of those beams slip of the side of that roller…

The second consideration is the degree to which that bucket arm is bent. If you straighten it out 40-50% you’ll get a much better reach and height. Check out these:

Notice in each example the shape of the bucket arm and how high it can reach. You’ve already satisfied one requirement by placing the pivot high up on the machine.

My Suggestions then:
(1) Straighten the bucket arm 40-50%
(2) Move that roller arm out (you can do this by straightening its arm too, about 30-35%)

PS Don’t be discouraged. You’re doing a good job modelling this.

Thaks for your perceptions…
I made this model only my fantasy so there are errors…

Here is my last render…

I must repaired pistons but the arms are three so they must not bigger…?
This model has been a quarry loader…
It’s finished out of 3/4…
critter:I don’t now…maybe

Duoas:Thx for your img…

And pls really sorry for my poor english…I know how to goot translate but not write… :expressionless:

Your English is more than good enough to understand and a good bit better than half the English-speaking posters on this site! :smiley:

Very nice model, no crits! Look forward to seeing textures on this thing!

Genom -

:smiley: Don’t take it too hard. Duoas sounds like he’s got some engineer in him and I do, too (redneck aerospace engineer)- we can’t help it, we’re geeks. Your model is quite excellent and you have a knack for capturing mechanical forms. We’re just doing the equivalent of fighting over deck chairs on the Titanic.

And please take this in the kind manner in which it is meant: Please don’t apologize for your english! As Soter said - your english is better than a good deal of supposed english speakers out there. I have a few german friends who do the same thing and I tell them “Your english is better than my german!” I can sort of read it but that’s about as far as I can go.

Can’t wait to see it textured. Are you going for that “Big Yellow Machine” look?


Soter and Critter:THX.I meaning that will be don’t undertant me…

Well,the loader is almost finnish
Now I will be textured it

Looking great! My only thot is: the tread on the tires, while “cool” and “futuristic” looking, are just not butch enough. They gotta be more macho. Beef 'em up! Make 'em rock!

Looking forward to the textures and scene!

nice modeling man. I like the detail here. And the mechanics are fine enough to get ur animation goin :D. Just waitin to get to see those textured

try yafray with GI and HDRI it will be fun :smiley:

Texturing test…