here is my Ultimate render…jeje

it was a 15 minutes render with yafray. The model took me two days.

What do you think?

Nice machine :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a bit puzzled though . . . where does the engine go? It must be awfully flat to be in the front. :smiley:

Maybe add a farm house in the background? %|


Thanks. I will do it.

Nice :smiley:
Add a sticker on the side of the engine with the brand.
Volvo BM or John Deer or valmet or something made up :slight_smile:

like this:

I think its quite obvious that it is an elctrical engine :smiley:
or did you see any exhaust pipe? :smiley:

yes, u are richt, its an electrical machine…thats whyi didn’t answer the previous postreply. and i will put it on some stickers. Thanks, bye.