machines of war!

His guys, my first post here.

Ive been modelling some bits for an assignment i have for a 3D module i have as part of my degree. The rough idea of the final animation will be some kind of invasion on a building in the distance with these machines, but with more of a comical/characature-ish kind of feel. Something like the Orks from Warhammer (or Gorkamorka,which apparantly isnt around any more?). It’ll only be short, nothing epic and i think my models s far are getting off to a good start but do feel free to comment/critique!!



(BTW the ‘spider’ style is just a rough play-around with textures etc, just practising really as im fairly new to full-on modelling in blender. Blender did actually crash not long after this image was created, loosing all the texturing etc but its not the end of the world…ill just do it better next time! And the model is all boned aswell :slight_smile: )


ive textured the tank!

its a little dark but ive still got quite a bit of work to do on it!



Very nice. You could probably stand to put a little more detail around the tracks. But it is still a really good model. You going to use all these for a huge image by any chance?