Is it possible to make the game engine play all animations that are set up for a render? I’m wondering because I won’t to make a video but without spending a lot of time rendering so I’m trying to do it in real time.

To be specific is it possible to after you have the camera key frames set up make the game engine play the keys after you hit the P key? Also is there a way to do real time recording inside Blender? Or do I need to download screen recording software and record it that way?

the “game engine” don’t support most of the animation tools…but Blender renders very fast ( at least in “scanline” mode)
If you need “speed” just don’t use “sophisticated” tools, like “ray-tracing”!

Still too slow If I kill almost all the effects and make it look identical to the real time render It takes too long to render. I get better results if I just use Cam Studio and set the camera up to fallow the ipo curve editor although it’s a little funky.