MachStudio Pro 2 - Export Script

Hello there community,

I have found a cool free GPU renderer with realtime AO and GI and HDR effects, very nice. It imports FBX files happily enough, but for animation it has it’s own file system - similar to what you’d find with Alembic. *.GBX and *.MAB - MAB being the animation file - or stored vertex per frame info that gets applied to GBX files. GBX files, well they would be the geometry. Right now I think the script only exports the GBX files, but no vertex animation (which is really what I need)… maybe this is a waste of time and false hopes… But does it?

I have a Blender export script but from Blender version 2.4.3. Right now 2.7.4 does not run nor recognize the addon.

What would I need to do to make it work with the more modern Blender version? How does Blender versioning work?

***Download Python 2.6.2 32bit script: (that’s the one I’ve got so far) (9.29 KB)