Machstudio Pro is free now...


Machstudio pro is free now. Don’t really know what is the catch…

Anyway here’s the link:

did you use it?

is a free 30 days trial, honestly I not understand the target of this product, semi realtime renders (few seconds) but with medium quality some better that a game engine but less than a modern render engine how yafray or luxrender, in my case i use free unity with bakes for arch viz realtime developments, for realtime animation the low fps dont be very useful.

P.D. well is confused, in some pages of their web appear the link to the trial and other appear like free, if is free why trial links? but free or not and with semirealtime render the quality not have the level that i find in a 3d suite, in this days I are hipnotized with cycles.

I got the impression as well that this is more an OpenGL shader renderer.

I just managed to complete the download… However, the installation is giving me error messages.

It’s a GPU renderer via DirectX 11.

Do you have a DX11 compatible graphics card?
It´s one of the minimum requirements.

I hope it´s not good and I don´t like it, because it´s 2800 Euro :slight_smile:

uhm it is free

they switched their business model.

I’ve been trying to download it since last night but it keeps crapping out on me.

Ah yeh. I thought the information from theKat on the 30 day trail is still valid, as the page exists. That´s what you get for leaving your agnostic tendencies behind for once :wink:

The current download page though says:

How could this be? How can StudioGPU offer such a valuable piece of software at no cost? Let us briefly explain how we can do it. We firmly believe that MachStudio Pro is a revolutionary piece of software that will completely transform the way that you work in 3D by saving you both time and money. Based on our confidence in this notion, we think we can create a viable business model from generating revenue from Support, Training and Consulting Services. Please help us change the 3D production world for the better. Take a spin on MachStudio Pro today. You won’t be sorry

Must be a problem on your side, I downloaded it with 1.9 MB/s took ~8 minutes.

Anybody managed to get the software working? Apparently, it has rather strict requirement, even when you have a DX11 compatible graphics card… I am using GTX460 with 2GB ram…

Starts up just fine. Can´t tell you if its working though :wink:
I haven´t figured out yet what meshdata it can load. seems to be .X
It crashes when I try to load an .obj

Check machstudio’s “exporters” folder, you’ll find a .gxb exporter for blender 2.49, and instructions on how to install it.
Then follow their tutorials:


But to tell the truth, a raytracer not supporting a state of the tech format such as .obj for instance… to me that is an K.O criteria.
If it is unecessary complicated to import geometry, the best new buisiness plan will not help.

Just for the fun I´ll try it at one point though.

quote from MachStudio forum admin:
“Currently the MachStudio pro work flow is fully integrated with Maya and 3D Studio Max. We are adding full support for a number of 3D products and will seriously consider including Blender and Ligthwave. Frankly we have not yet had this request but I believe these are important products to include in our work flow offering.
The issue with .FBX files is as follows; The format contains data that is cumbersome from the standpoint of what is used by our product. We prefer to create geometry and animation files that are optimized for our use. Currently we support .FBX for static geometry and are looking into supporting a geom. cache export in the .FBX format as well. we recognize the added benefits of portability so stay tuned for updates.”

If you look through theirtutorials, they supply integrated export interfaces for supported applications.

Could you please provide a link to that quote? Thanks very much…

Link below for this quote:

Importing Assets

The exporters included with the product provide seamless transfer of static models, animations and cameras created in popular modeling and animation programs right into MachStudio Pro. Exporters for leading CG packages such as Maya, 3ds Max, Rhino, SketchUp Pro, Revit and ArchiCAD are available now, with SolidWorks, XSI, Blender and more coming very soon.
MachStudio Pro also imports .FBX files which can be saved from most leading CG software programs.

I found it:

That was stated two years ago though, so an update on their
intentions might be nice.

See the above quote. Apparently they plan to support Blender.

Well, starting to look into it.
FXB support is nice already, and they support animations, so an integration in Blender indeed would be nice stuff.
I have yet to find out how Machstudio works =) Little time, lots of new stuff :frowning: