Maciej Kowalewski Sketchbook

Just a doodle made in my free time. Started out as a test for a sci fi kit bash set I’m working on. Went through being inspired by stellarator fusion reactors to becoming a derelict alien machine, which my dear wife insists is either a giant alien pressure cooker or Borg of the month trophy. Made with Blender and Eevee, with some procedural material I developed while making the robotic skull.

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A while ago I came across kinetic sculptures made by David C. Roy(videos, not the real thing:)), and I thought this would be perfect to doodle something interesting in Blender.
This mandala is what I came up with as a first try just to get the concept and basic tools down. Since I think I can do better, tomorrow I’ll post what other stuff I came up with.

Render in Eevee.