Mack Truck

i am kind of new to blender i have messed with it in my free time for the last year or so.
i use cad a lot, i do room renders for live production every so often. on the last on i did i used blender. i took all my auto cad files and converted them and imported in to blender.
it was cool as could bee the lights that i use for live production i modeled in blender and when i was done the set looked way real i thank i my go this way more often. how ever in the next one i do, as a joke, i want to put my clients truck in the back ground of the render. he will love it. so i have started to draw the truck and want some advice as i do not model in blender that often. i found a pick of a similar truck on the net to compare.

Any suggestions that you can make before I get to far in to this would be much help.

Also I have a question. To keep things the right size in blender I would make a reference box in auto cad on my drawing. Then scale every thing up so all the reference boxes were the same size. That way a ten foot stick of truss would be proportionate to an 8 foot stick. Is there a better way?


update to the las post


well u can place blueprints of the model in the background of different viewports and go ahead with them…but the important thing with blueprints is that they shud be properly aligned(many blue prints are available at can also go thru the BlenderArt magazine ( issue8…it has several articles that u may find of some use…best of luck with ur work…

Thanks will have a look.