Macken Bridge (Dublin)

I have used the new bridge to be built over the liffey in Dublin as model (designed by spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, see

This is one of the drawings available of the bridge:

This is my second work in Blender, and my first bridge & outdoors render. I have been practising with dupliverts, skinning and some texturing and I just have after around 10 hours of work an acceptable image.

And this is the first render I have produced

I know there is still some work to be done (the enviroment basically, at the moment it is simply an image as background.)

RENDER INFO: Blender. (OSA 5, Raytracer enabled AO 6). Rendering time : around 25 mins. (800x600).

Critics & comments are welcome!.

erm is it the bridge that cgi, it need as reflection in the water too. looks reall cool tho.

Yeah, a reflection in the water would be good.

The Liffey actually looks clean in that picture.

nice, one of the cables extends into the support too far on the left. and i actually read it so I know the water is just temporary.

maybe another car would help too.

Nice bridge and bus. It’s especially great if this is really your second work.

Hi there…

I am not that sure about the reflection… Looking at one of the pictures I have got in the net (actually the one I am using as world texture in the render) there is VERY LITTLE reflection of the bridges on the Liffey. The river is pretty dark and turbulent :frowning: . And my intention is to be as realistic as possible, not to make the image to look nice.

However I have produced another (small) render with little higher reflection:

I could produce something like this with more reflective water:

But I personally see it less reallistic…

by the way Grimgreaper. yes it is a CGI: :wink:

Sam Adam, I will add some more cars. About the back stays anchorage(aka. the cables that go to the counterweight) I know that some modeling have to be done still… Thanks for the comments :smiley:

Mr Rob: it is my second job WITH BLENDER, I have done some staff before with povray and radiance, you can see some of it in my web page - though still under construction - at

By the way, for those who didn’t know the bridge actually swings around the tower bearing to allow river traffic to go through.

Sorry for this image, I know is very poor quality!. :-?

I will post something better after the weekend…

For the reflection?..

Maybe do 2 sweeps? one with the bridge and world but set the bridge black. then render another one except, no world, and the brigde textured and a plane below with raymir and a stucci texture(to simulate a reflection, then add the 2 renders in the squence editor.

The bridge looks pretty good, but I looked at the plans and you have 2 main cables while there’s only one.


The plans only show one main cable because it is a profile view. The render isn’t straight on. Look at the top view plans.