macken bridge (finished)

Hi to everybody,

I didnt have time last months to finish this projects. Finally this weekend to finish this project I started months ago.

MACKEN BRIDGE. DUBLIN. (Designed by Santiago Calatrava). Initially will be constructed during 2005-2006 period.

Modelled: Blender-2.34
Postptocessing: Gimp.

Another point of view:

Comments and constructive critics are welcome.

That is very nice. I like the modern look it has going. To make it more real, you should dirty it up a bit; it is too perfect looking. The reflections in the water are very good.


Did you model everything in this scene? It almost looks like you modeled the bridge and super-imposed it on a photograph.

The model of the bridge looks good, but I agree it needs some dirt. Also, some closeup shots of the bridge’s detail would be nice.

yes , dbugged he modeled the bridge and super imposed it.

nice model! It’s too white though-

i would muddy the bright white and make it closer to the building on the right. nothing is pure bright white. i would make it more of an almond color

looks good, i saw your earlier wip post. your posts are the first i’ve heard of this bridge, part of the major works in the area yeah?

is this work for college or a job or just personal?

by the way, from wicklow (kilcoole), in college on thomas street so i’m in Dublin 5(or6) days a week. look forward to seeing the real thing

just a comment :smiley:

looks alot like the sun bridge in Redding California :wink:



hey all i’m very interested in how you composited the bridge, was it in a 3d program or just in a paint program like photoshop, and if so how did you get the reflection on the water so good.

you can find the exact bridge in Buenos Aires, Argentina, it´s just exactly the same (well, allmost), the view, the placement etc.

google for “puente de la mujer calatrava” in buenos aires.

It also bears a suspicious resemblance to the Milwaukee Art Museum in…um…Milwaukee. 8)


Thanks to all for your messages,

raseri, avier, lilo & others,

Yes you are rigth it looks like other bridges from the same author, unfortunately calatrava´s bridges tend to look alike. I particularly do not like that much this one.

About the color, yes it would look more realistic with a dirty white…


I am a bridge designer myself and I live at the moment in between dublin and madrid (spain). I have nothing to do with this bridge - The design competition was awarded to Santiago Calatrava and the construction is not even shortlisted yet. I just did it for the fun of it, as a practical example to learn how to use blender.


I did a 3D model with blender of coursel in 3 or 4 hours, as you can see here:

then I used Gimp2.0 (a GPL program pretty similar to Photoshop) to compose the render over a picture I took last week. I use as much as I can GPL software both profesionally and personally. (I actuaclly did all the
work in a Linux box :smiley: )

if you are really interested in the 3D-model you can find it here:

Macken Blender Model

Happy blender,

Cool concept… but please try some better lighting… my be the sun should be a little lower or something…

really great work so far. :smiley:

but add some dust to make more realistic… I think.

Dust, lighting, and I think that the reflection is too perfect. It needs to be rougher. I’m not really familiar with gimp, but I’m sure it has some kind of ripple effect. Also a shadow. But the modeling is very nice. I just think it could be bettter composited with some more time.

Is the ship behind the bridge a model also or is it real?


the bridge behind is real, I just modelled the bridge.


thanks for the coments, I do agree with you 100%, unfortunately my critical parameter for this job (actually hobby) was the time spent, as I explained before I did it this work for the fun of it. Thus the modelling, texturing and composing time was minimized (I reckon it was around 6hr in total).

Ironically in other projects, my department (I am a bridge designer myself) pays for renders of similar quality few thousand euros. My only goal was to prove that with GPL software (blender of course) it is possible to produce “profesional” quality in a reasonable time.

I’m happy to see that more and more architectural renderings enter this forum. this one is great.