Mackie ProFX8 (mixer board)

One of my other hobbies besides CG art is sound engineering and I have been wanting to model a mixer for a while. I decided to start with my own board, a Mackie ProFX8. I work on this project every so often when I feel like it, so I won’t be updating here very often.

I have a good bit of the large modeling done and have started to work on the texturing.

Here’s my first render:

A close up of the jacks:

To do (probably not exhaustive):

  • Finish main panel texturing.
  • Add tape (RCA) jacks.
  • Add meters and LEDs.
  • Add various buttons.
  • Add and texture FX processor.
  • Add back panel plugs (power, USB, XLR), power switch, screws.
  • Add rivets
  • All shading.

Please let me know what you think. I welcome all comments and suggestions.


Small Update:

I’ve just been working on the texturing a little bit more. Here’s a close up of the texturing.

Hehe, funny. I have some background with music myself, and about ten years ago (minimum!) I had a similar idea - take my Spirit Foilo mixer (for home use) and recreate it, using it for something interesting. The idea was to use it to “mix in rendering principles”, but somehow I abandoned it.

You can compare it to my own stone old render done in now dead software, and see if you can spot anything:

I know I had an idea for ch6, but I can’t recall. Sorry for lousy stuff, but no GI or advanced shading back then.