Maclaren P1 renders

For some time I’ve been playing with Maclaren P1 model from forza game.
Here are some renders I did recently. Rendered with cycles on GTX 780. Around 10-15 minutes per image.

This is epic! You nailed it! I would certainly take this as an official poster in the right context! 5* :slight_smile:

That last one is amazing! You sir deserve a cookie for your amazing composition/rendering skills.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:
Another one :wink:

And another one :slight_smile:

That is very realistic looking! Kudos to you man!

Really well done!

Awesome! I love the setup in the last image.:slight_smile:

Awesome! I’m so impressed by the last image from the first thread. Can you help me to have your nodes and environment settings sharing them? Please, I like this compositing. Very good done. Congrates.

This one looks so realistic! congratz bro

Thanks again guys :slight_smile:

Here is a car paint node tree. It’s pretty simple and straightforward :wink:

The background environment is a free hdri map from store:
The node setup is pretty simple. I’ve used separate maps for reflections and for lighting to speedup the rendering a bit:

The composition was done in photoshop so there is no any node setup to share.
I’ve saved the render in 32-bit exr format. Two separate files – one for the floor and one for the car.
In photoshop I always use camera raw built-in plugin to bring the details to the render using the basic shadow, highlights, black and clarity sliders. The background is a photo from which is blurred with “field blur” photoshop built-in plugin.

Thanks a lot Beep for the sharing.

Two more:

Nice angle!

These are some very nice renders you are posting, keep em coming! I like 'em a lot!

Really impressive! You’re an inspiration for our car modelers!