macOS is deprecating openGL


(Chad Gleason) #299

Yeah, just read that as well. Great news for the future of blender on macOS (and blender in general, actually).

(m9105826) #300

Still requires Blender to make the switch to Vulkan though.

(motorsep) #301

Autodesk simply dropped support for macOS due to OpenGL removal (not sure if support was dropped for all products or only for selected ones).

(bernardothecat) #302

Autodesk is no longer creating new versions of VRED and Alias.

"Why is Autodesk making this change?
This was a business decision. The Alias and VRED Mac user community is small; this change enables Autodesk development teams to bring innovations to market faster, benefitting the majority of users, and accelerates our goal to help customers digitalize the Design Studio of the Future.

Will VRED and Alias return to the Mac platform?
Making VRED 2019.0 and Alias 2019.0 the last versions on the Mac will enable Autodesk to focus on modernization efforts. We will continue to work closely with Apple to assess future opportunities on the Mac platform."


(Metin Seven) #303

The Blender developers planning a Metal wrapper for Vulkan, that’s a real…

(Sonofwitz) #304

So I just booted up Blender on a Macbook running MacOS 10.14 Mojave.
What shouldn’t work? I didn’t have time to test but the UI seemed as-expected. I was able to rotate and zoom a bit, then switch to Cycles Viewport rendering. Just a 2 minute test, but it was the Blender I know and love. What should be broken now? I saw another post, maybe on reddit, where someone said it was all wonky. Not my experience. Can anyone shed light for me. I love me some macs and I love me some Blender…

(zanzio) #305

Atm everything should still work. This is something that might change with the next version of MacOS. It all depends on how long apple chooses to keep openGL around. Blender could break with the next version, or remain functional for the next 10 years. It’s up to them.

If it does break on the next version, then don’t panic. Just research setting your machine up as a dual boot system, and use linux for blender.

(Sonofwitz) #306

Zanzio, thanks for the reply and explanation! That helps.

(Dario) #307

you can use gimp

(SterlingRoth) #308

He said decent photo editor.

I love gimp for what it is, but it does not compare to the commerical solutions.

(supar_nollie) #309

So, what I understand is that Blender 2.79 and Cycles works fine with MacOS Mojave 10.14?
How about Eevee? Do Eevee renderer use OpenGL only or som other magic?

The reason I’m asking is that I use Mac at work and at home and use Blender daily so this is important to me. I would like to be able to update to Mojave.

(BTolputt) #310

FWIW, it has improved over the last few years. Nowhere near what it needs to be to compete commercially, but whilst I would have told everyone to avoid it like the plague five years ago (and did), I wouldn’t be quite as quick off the bat now depending on what the person needs it for.

(noki paike) #311

Apple shares will lose value for this choice and risk failure.
Everything is about to change, the apple is moldy. they are trying to keep it alive with GMO experiments.

(burnin) #312

But inside are seeds which will grow into a new tree feeding on fertile volcanic soil & everyone will move on.

(noki paike) #313

not bad … but the seeds will be apple trees … and the apple has to mold before it becomes GMO that can not feed its small seeds or feed them corrupt

(Renzatic) #314

We’re still talking about computers here, right? I just wanna make sure…

(BeerBaron) #315

Risk failure? You must not be aware that Apple makes only 10% of its revenue from Macs:

In fact, if Apple killed the Mac entirely, stock may even go up, because the profit margins on iPhones are higher.

The whole reason why Mac OS is so poorly supported is that it’s just not an important platform even for Apple.

(noki paike) #316

of course we are talking about computers, especially of the company and its type of computer …McIntosh Apple

same time we use allegories and metaphors to mean some things by comparison.
It is a kind of literal discourse useful for telling truths jokingly and seriously at the same time.

(noki paike) #317

in practice they stopped being serious and totally devote themselves to toys in exchange for stupid fan money … interesting…
it’s like when a famous rock band at old age becomes commercial to strip as much money as possible … the signs are all there… without Steve there is no more golden apple

(EdgeMaster) #318

I think Apple is willing to sacrifice gaming on the Mac. It has never been a serious gaming platform and consoles provide a much better integrated experience than the Mac ever could. Especially across so many product lines where some can or cannot play particular games. Furthermore, gaming requires expandable hardware which Apple does not support on most ends (eGPUs are poor value for money).

For the direction that Apple seems to be going in, relegating gaming to a novelty seems like the right idea. Design and 3D applications are where their focus seems to be and getting a performance edge with metal makes sense as a priority.

Some applications should just ditch Mac OS as supporting it is just a pain at this point. If Blender dumped MacOS I would not be surprised or disappointed.

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