macOS is deprecating openGL


(LazyDodo) #365

Nobody said it wasn’t on the table, I suppose if someone were to work on porting to vulkan it may very well be, but nobody is currently working on that either.

(apoclypse) #366

Hmm. Okay. I thought that was the plan after 2.8 (the series).

(apoclypse) #367

Yes and Vulkan itself has changed quite a bit since release and is still changing. Vulkan as far as I can tell won’t be like OpenGL where being able to run legacy code will be a priority they seem to be firmly looking forward and following DX. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they break compatibility at some point as they pursue they transition newer hardware. It’s one of the reasons why the OpenGL Next initiative was created in the first place. They wanted to stop vendors from adding extensions to OpenGL just to get it on par with DX. DX/MS pretty much dictates what direction the graphics industry is going to go for the most part (with input from vendors of course).

(LazyDodo) #368

When i say ‘nobody is working on it’ i mean “at this moment in time there is no developer actively working on it” this does not exclude anyone working on it in the future.

(cartoon.five) #369

Some posts sound as if they’d like to stick it to big bad Apple. But dropping full support for macOS will hurt ONLY artists, real people who love blender and yet prefer macOS, which is an excellent platform for many use cases.

They might be a minority compared to linux and windows together, but mac users are still part of the blender community and BF should be committed to all of them. I guess a lot of work has been put onto various other areas of blender. I appreciate all the efforts being put into features like dynamics, hair, particles, fluids, tracking and so on. I hardly use all of them (who does, really?), but that’s OK. However, support for all current platforms is just as important. Maybe even more. Because it gives artistic choice to more people. And that is the true value of Blender. Cutting off a group might be easier, but it’s the wrong choice.

My point is: Apple’s policies might not be always in the best interest of everyone, but BF’s policies should always be in the interest of it’s users.

(zanzio) #370

Its not that simple. Keep the fact that Ton’s main computer was a mac until recently. Not supporting metal affected the founder of blender directly, so not porting to metal wasn’t an arbitrary choice.

The blender foundation is a nonprofit group that has very limited resources. It can’t jump into every area of development because it feels like it. The only reason blender has as many features as it does is because of the developers who volunteer their time to implement those features for free. A group of devs from outside the foundation could appear and commit themselves to porting everything to metal tomorrow for all we know.

(cartoon.five) #371

I’ve been a very long time blender user. This discussion made me realize it’s time to give back more than just “love”. So I signed up for the development fund. It would be great if even more people who can afford it and (professionally) use Blender followed.
It would also be great for everyone if the BF continued it’s support for all current platforms.

(Metin Seven) #372

@cartoon.five, you might be interested to read this recent message about Apple, Blender and Metal, by Ton Roosendaal.

(cartoon.five) #373

Thanks :slight_smile:


I am a HardCore-MacUser since 1994. But now i am a HardCore-BlenderUser. I don’t wait for Apple anymore. I have now 2 “normal-PCs” with Nvidia, Linux (Win) and an iMac with Mojave. But Blender don’t work on Mojave very good. Only with the Radeon PRORenderer you can work with Blender.

Apple! The Rest of Us will switching!



(noki paike) #375

I think they are entering the defensive phase of the kingdom by sabotaging the standards … just like Microsoft did before understanding that he was giving himself hoes on his feet …
since there is no more Steve Jobs, they no longer innovate, keep going with the funboys until he holds … damn, I’ve seen iMac Pro for 18 thousand dollars and what have they got for innovation?
lots of ram