MacOS, OneDrive and Blender, how do I make it all play nice?

I just got me a new Mac Mini, and holy crap does blender run beautifully on this thing. Takes like 10 seconds to launch on Windows 10 , but launches instantly on this little thing.

But that’s not a question. I’m using Microsoft OneDrive as sort of a central file system for my blend files, which works fine between my workstation and say my Surface Pro. But on Mac, blender can’t see any of the files in the one drive, and trying to launch a file directly from the OneDrive fails.

I can drag a file from the OneDrive to the desktop and open it that way, but not direction from the OneDrive folder.

Anyone know a trick to make this all play nice together? (I’m experimenting with the Monterey beta right now, FYI)

I use One Drive to quickly send files between my Mac and PC and haven’t had any issues with using One Drive on my M1 Mini. I open the OD folder and move my files from there; not sure if there is a shortcut.

Wish I had a better answer but at least you know now it will work between both systems.

Are you able to write directly to the OD folder from within blender, and open files from the OD folder from blender? I can move files to and from the folder, but it’s using the actual OD folder itself inside blender that’s causing me issues.

Edit: I got it. You just have to make sure it’s actually on the system and not simply available in the cloud first. If it’s just in the cloud, blender can’t find it, which makes sense.

Ah, I haven’t tried to load a blend straight from OD. I’ll have to try that out to see if it works for me. I normally transfer the blend from OD to my SSD but it sounds like you can do that too.