macos X b2.23 python

(Adam) #1

anyone using macosx with python & blender2.23?

having troubles getting it to work and was wondering if anyone has had any luck?

if you have gotten scripts to work which distro of python did you use?

macpython or python via fink?


(theeth) #2

I was under the impression that the Python API was disabled in the OS X release…


(jsplifer) #3


Blender is very cool on the mac! I have been using some python scripts for exporting scenes. Found most on the Blender mirror. I have had mixed results with some working fine and others reporting console errors. I have not downloaded any specific version of python, so it’s in OSX or came with Blender 2.23 beta. I am still learning and have not used the game engine yet, although anxious to. So not sure what works there.


(Adam) #4

What scripts did you use so I can try them out - I haven’t had any python scripts work yet in OSX environment. : ( - I’ve been trying blenderman, some older ones that came with Carsten’s “The Blender Book”.

Ill check my mac system later to see if python is installed as a default in OSX - Im on my win2000 box right now.

Blender does rock on OSX - but what I like is I can work on any of my systems be it linux-windose-mac and I dont have to worry about converting files to different formats - and to boot The gimp is on all systems too now!!!

(jsplifer) #5


I have had the best luck with Jan Walter’s older scripts. Unfortunatly I don’t know where I found some of the them.

Jan Walter’s page
lots of links, some dead
goto this page and check out the Blender Mirror site,

Again, I am learning and very much in love with Blender, so if you find anything of intrest related to Mac OS X and Blender I would like to know.