(Engaging Anti-Mac shielding)

Lo All!

Before I starting delving into Blender, I was wonder what, if any pitfalls I might encounter creating interactive content in OSX.3?
Also, how about importing/exporting?

Thanks for any info,


probably the same as on any platform. and this is difficult to predict, as it heavily depends on what you plan to do.

abt. importing/exporting: there are several good python scripts that run from inside blender to import/export objects (and more). they are platform-independent. check out the python section to see what’s available.

I use Mac OS 10.3 too and I haven’t really found any problem running interactive content that was designed on other platforms. Sometimes you come across the odd incompatibility but usually it’s if someone uses platform dependent sdk’s with Blender or it’s because of different Blender versions. Most Blender scenes are cross-platform.