Macpro just uses 1 core instead of 8


I have a Macpro with 8 cores and 8 gig of memory but it uses only 1 core and a small bit of memory.

In the scene panel Threads is set to automaticly and it say : Threads 8

Any idea?

Thanx Twan

Hmm! It works on my Mac.
Did you set the xparts - yparts settings in the render settings to 4by4 or even more?


Blender works on my mac pro with 8 cores… but I don’t know how many cores it uses. How do you find out?

When you watch the render, you should see it drawing two buckets at a time with rendering set to 2 threads, so maybe it would be possible to see it.

Check the processor usage.

Just to make things clear:

while modelling, blender will only use 1 core (since the viewport is not multithreaded).

On render time, if you set the x and y part to 2 x 4 (you can go higher too so if a part of the image take less time to render than another, the avalaible core will start on them), it will create 8 parts…and each one will be distributed to a core and you’ll be using all of them.

If you only see 1 small part of your render being done at a time you have a problem.

and 8gb of ram…you won’t be using all of that anytime soon.

Memory usage will be lower than your total too because blender for OSX is currently not 64bit. Just to point that out