Macro Photos

This is just a thread I wanted to start where I place all of my macro photos of random stuff :p.
These are the first ones. No post-pro; taken by a Canon PowerShot A540. Enjoy!

The orange is nice.

I love the detail and the angles - must be a pretty nice camera

Thanks, its a grapefruit btw.
And the camera is nothing great, its a 13 mm lens and only 4x zoom… not even a SLR…

I wish my camera could take pictures like that.
Nice photos!:slight_smile:

Thanks blenditall, I’ll post a couple more soon

More photos! I made all of these today. Enjoy!

Here’s another one, dug it up on my laptop:
This was a bad one.

some problems on focalization and the camera angle:D the cone picture it is the one that is profesional the rest are not nice and over blured

Thanks, I wasn’t aiming for anything too professional and the camera itself is not that great. You’re right, but I also like the lock and the keys :wink:

edit: haha I just realized how ironic that is:D:D:D

Here are a couple more~~none of them came out too great, but I thought I’d post them anyway. Hope you like them!

really really cool man! are those diamonds o_O

and nice chromatic abberation btw

Nah, some kind of tinted crystal. Thanks :stuck_out_tongue: